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Car Donations – Worry Free!

Help improve the lives of the abused, battered, ill, hungry, and homeless when you donate a car, used vehicle, boat, yacht, motorhome, RV, truck, aircraft, or heavy farm or construction equipment to your selected charity.

  • Donate a car, boat, or truck.
  • Donate an RV or motorhome.
  • Donate a personal watercraft or jet-ski.
  • Donate heavy farm or construction equipment.
  • Donate a yacht or aircraft.

Action Car Donation Services® provides fast and convenient service throughout the state of Massachusetts including the cities of Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, Cambridge, and all other areas of MassachusettsThere is no charge to donors for picking up a qualified car donation or other property donation throughout the State of Massachusetts or anywhere in the U.S.A.

Call now for further information and receive a “no obligation” evaluation to make sure your potential car or other property donation is acceptable by proceeding in one of two ways:

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Massachusetts area car donations: Donate a car, boat, yacht, used truck, or RV to charity and receive the maximum legal tax deduction and possibly a partial cash payment.

Donate a car and help the needy in Massachusetts.Hundreds of well-known charities put their faith in our service because we regularly go the “extra mile” in our efforts to improve the selling price of donations. We believe that we may be the only property donation facilitator in the “Bay State” that truly tries to help both you and your selected charity by maximizing the dollar value of whatever you donate.

Whenever economically feasible, we will “fix up” donated property so it will bring greater income to the charity. Whenever possible, we will sell property in the retail market as opposed to the wholesale market to increase the selling price of a donated property. Maximizing the selling price whenever it makes economic sense is what sets ADS apart from competing donation programs.

Massachusetts veterans need your car donations.

We are totally committed to doing everything reasonable to obtain top dollar for your property donation so you will have the largest possible legal tax deduction. Since 2005, your IRS tax deduction for most vehicle and boat donations is based on the gross selling price of the donation (not Blue Book valuations).

Action Vehicle Donation Service® can even offer to some donors a “partial cash payment” for a higher value property donation. For qualified property, you may be able to receive some cash when you make the donation and receive a legal tax deduction when the property is sold. Call now and learn more—no obligation.


Just a Few of the Charities Benefiting the State of Massachusetts. Donate a Car, Boat, or RV to Your Favorite Charity or One of Ours!

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Boat and RV donation – Massachusetts.

Did you know this about Massachusetts?

Massachusetts State Seal.

  • The original inhabitants of Massachusetts consisted of several Algonquian tribes. The first European settlers were the Pilgrims who, in 1620, established their settlement at Plymouth.
  • The American Revolution’s first battles took place in the Massachusetts towns of Concord and Lexington.
  • The major airport in the state is Logan International Airport. The airport is a hub for major airlines.
  • Yachting and boating are popular all along the coast of Massachusetts coast and its offshore islands. Cross-country skiing and hiking are popular activities in many of the state’s undeveloped areas.

Please take that well-traveled Massachusetts vehicle or boat that is no longer needed and donate it to charity! We take care of everything for you: title transfers, IRS receipts, and more. Fast, free pick up of donations throughout MA.



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