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Donate a Car – Nebraska

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Car Donations – Worry Free!

Nebraska Area Car Donations: Donate a car, boat, yacht, used truck, or RV to charity and receive the Maximum Legal Tax Deduction and possibly a Partial Cash Payment.*

Donate a vehicle, semi-truck, sailing vessel, heavy farm, construction or earth moving equipment, motorhome, RV, motorcycle, aircraft, personal watercraft (PWC), or jet ski in Nebraska and help those in need.

Our car donation service in Lincoln, Omaha, Bellevue, Grand Island, and throughout the state of Nebraska is worry free, efficient, and prompt.

When you donate a car, boat, RV, truck, farm equipment, or other property in Nebraska, we always pick up accepted donations at a time convenient to you and free of charge.

We pick up donated vehicles, motorhomes, and boats throughout the nation for some of America’s best known and trusted charity chapters such as Paralyzed Veterans, Special Olympics chapters, Boys & Girls Clubs, Defeat Diabetes, Sea to Shore Foundation, Wounded Warrior Homes, and many other trusted foundations and non-profits. We have exclusive contracts with hundreds of client charities who have chosen us to process their car, boat, and RV donations. Select your favorite charity or one of ours. Charities and donors love our service. We take care of everything for you.

You can easily receive a “no obligation” evaluation of your contemplated vehicle or boat donation to see if it will be profitable for your selected charity by either calling our toll-free number or completing our on-line donation form.

  1. Call our Toll-Free Number now at (866) 244-8464 and tell us about your contemplated donation.
  2. Or complete our On-Line Donation Evaluation Form below:

ACTION CAR DONATION SERVICES® Nebraska is your best choice to process your donated car, truck, or boat!

Tax deductions when you donate a car – Nebraska

We have been processing property donations for Nebraska donors for many years—more than a decade! Action will always “go the extra mile” for donors and our client charities. Whenever it is economically feasible, Action does everything that we can to increase the value of any vehicle, boat, or yacht donation. We routinely go beyond expectations in our efforts to generate the highest income possible from the sale of the property you donate.

We try to maximize the selling price of donations because, in most cases, the contributor’s tax deduction will be equal to no more than the gross selling price of the donation (the selling price before any expenses are deducted). The law was changed in 2005 disallowing in most cases the donor claiming “blue book” values for these donations. This is why we “fix up” donated property whenever feasible to increase its value. Higher selling prices result in higher possible legal tax deductions for the donor and more income for the charity you select. We provide you with the appropriate receipt for claiming a tax deduction.

*NOTE: Action Vehicle & Boat Donation Services® may, for qualifying “high worth” donations, offer the possibility of some cash (called by the IRS a “bargain sale”). It may be possible for you to receive both some cash and a tax deduction! Call us for more information.

Donate a Car, Boat, or RV to Your Favorite Charity or One of Ours!

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Did you know this about Nebraska?

Nebraska State Seal.

  • In the 1860s, homesteaders poured into Nebraska to lay claim to free land granted by the federal government. New settlers often built their homes from sod because the land had few trees.
  • Today 89% of Nebraska cities have less than 3,000 people.
  • Kool-Aid was invented in 1927 by Edwin Perkins in the city of Hastings, Nebraska. Kool-Aid is the official soft drink of Nebraska. Cliff Notes were invented in Rising City, Nebraska and the Vise-Grip was invented and is manufactured in De Witt, Nebraska.

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