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Donate a Car – Utah

Senior Couple donates vehicle in Salt Lake, Utah area

Car Donations – Worry Free!

Help those in need in Utah by donating a used car, boat, RV, heavy equipment, farm equipment, truck, motorcycle, or jet ski to your favorite charity or ours. We have exclusive contracts with over 350 well known and trusted charities.

We pick up and process vehicle and boat donations promptly and always “hassle free” in Salt Lake, Orem, Ogden, St. George, Provo, and many other Utah cities and communities throughout the State of Utah. Receive the maximum legal tax deduction and possibly a partial cash payment. Call us for more information.

Pickup of qualified donations is always free of charge for donors. You can quickly receive a “no obligation” evaluation of your contemplated used vehicle, boat, truck, motorhome, or other property donation by either calling our toll-free number or completing our on-line donation form:

  1. Call our Toll-Free Number now: (866) 244-8464 and tell us about your contemplated donation.
  2. Or complete our On-Line Donation Evaluation Form below:
  • Your Contact Information:

  • Where is the Donation Located?

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  • Last Step! Just click the “SUBMIT” button below and one of our experienced Yacht Donation experts will contact you to discuss your potential vessel donation and assist you in selecting a worthy and qualified charity.

Why ACTION DONATION SERVICES® is the best choice in the Utah area for maximizing the value of your donated vehicle, boat, or motorhome!

Car donations often sold retail for charity. We do everything reasonable that we can to significantly increase the value of donated property! We do this by “repairing” and marketing donations whenever possible in both the retail and wholesale markets. Whenever possible, we process donations for client charities using methods that often increase the potential tax deduction for donors and maximizes the income going to the charity!

Most of our competitors pick up a vehicle or other donated property and take it directly to a wholesaler or to a recycler; they do little or nothing to enhance its value! We do much more whenever feasible for the person donating and for the charity recipient!

Maximizing the sales price of donations greatly benefits both the charity and the donor generating increased cash for the charity and often creating for the donor the greatest possible legal tax deductions.

We can also provide the possibility of partial cash payments (IRS “Bargain Sale”) to a person donating a “high worth” donation. In certain circumstances, it is possible for a donor to receive a partial cash payment and a tax deduction as well. Call us for further information. You can donate to one of our over 350 client charities with whom we have exclusive contracts—or select a favorite non-profit of your own.

Just a Few of the Featured Charities Serving the State of Utah:

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Our service team can pick up qualified donations anywhere in Utah!