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Help is Still Needed!: Continuing to Provide Hurricane Katrina Relief

Hurricane Katrina affected the Gulf Coast of the United States and is considered to be one of the most disastrous hurricanes in recent history. The city of New Orleans, Louisiana was devastated by Katrina’s wrath. Once the levee broke, water infiltrated the city and untold property damage as well as human casualties were incurred. The damage is still being felt by many residents of the state of Louisiana to this day. Other areas that were affected included parts of Texas and large portions of Mississippi. Flooding was intense, and millions of people lost their homes, and thousands even lost their lives. It was an event that many Americans will never forget, and for those who experienced it firsthand, they will certainly remember that incident for the rest of their lives.

Many people feel as if the United States government did not act fast enough in assisting the victims of Katrina. Some people were simply unable to evacuate, and were under the impression that the Superdome in New Orleans would provide them with adequate shelter. Thousands of people flocked there in hopes that they would be able to return safely home. Sadly, the roof of the Superdome incurred serious damage, and the arena began to leak. Bathrooms were out of order and food and needed supplies were scarce. It took days after the hurricane hit for rescue buses to come into the city and take people out to a place where they could find clean water, food, and shelter. Crime began to take over New Orleans and other areas of the state because access for police was limited.

The need for help for victims of Hurricane Katrina is still very strong today. Some people have been able to get back on their feet, while others are still living in FEMA issued trailers. The rate of mental illness and post-traumatic stress from Katrina is very high. Suicides have also increased in New Orleans and other areas significantly. Some people have still not been able to ever recover from the losses they suffered, including the loss of human life. It is important that people who experienced the pain of Katrina get the help they need so they can continue in their fight for survival and the hope of a better life. Whether it is a charitable vehicle donation, clothing, food, or prayer, the people who survived this massive disaster still need assistance. Small donations or large, including clothing and food are excellent ways to contribute and help the people affected by this disaster. There are many different resources available where charitable contributions can be made.

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