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Miracle Wings for Kids

When a child is seriously ill, the family’s life as they know it changes forever. As the family deals with unrelenting emotional stress, they are often also faced with seemingly insurmountable financial challenges. These financial challenges can often cause a family to believe they are unable to access top medical care or receive second opinions for their child.

This is a scenario that no family should be faced with. Fortunately, there are several non-profit organizations that offer “miracle wings”, meaning assistance with transportation for medical services, often at little or no cost to the family. Getting to a treatment facility many miles from home is often the biggest hurdle family’s face, and these organizations aim to help with this problem.

The Air Care Alliance, a nationwide league of humanitarian flying organizations dedicated to community service. The Air Care Alliance is an extensive central listing providing free air transportation services by volunteer pilots and charitable aviation groups.

The nation’s leading nonprofit charitable organization for flying seriously ill children and their families for medical treatment or second opinions is Miracle Flights for Kids. This organization has provided this service since 1995 and has provided over 55,000 flights to date.

A referral helpline is provided by National Patient Air Transport Helpline. This helpline has been in existence since 1991, and offers referrals to the most appropriate charitable organization for families in need of medical air transportation assistance.

Free air transportation to and from medical facilities for critically ill and injured children in need is provided by Children’s Flight of Hope. Transportation is provided for children and their families who are otherwise unable to travel to their destinations for financial or other reasons.

Wings for Children provides free transportation for victims of child abuse as well as those that need medical treatment.

Children’s Angel Flight is dedicated to helping child patients and their families in need of travel for medical reasons.

Corporate Angel Network arranges free air transportation for cancer patients traveling to treatment using empty seats on corporate jets.

Children and senior citizens affected by catastrophic illnesses may be able to receive no-cost or low-cost transportation from The Gift of Life Air Transportation. This organization was the first non-profit full service air ambulance in the U.S.

Ronald McDonald Houses throughout the nation provide housing and shelter for families of children suffering from serious illnesses. Many of their chapters accept car donations and other property such as used boats, motorhomes, trucks, and motorcycles to help cover the costs of these services.

Mercy Medical Airlift coordinates free airline tickets for trips over 1,000 miles.

Kids in Flight gives seriously children a chance to experience aviation. This non-profit organization uses airplane rides to gives seriously ill children an opportunity to escape by soaring above the struggles of their illnesses.

Air Charity Network is comprised or independent member organizations for specific geographic areas. Members include Angel Flights Northeast, Angel Flights Southeast, Angel Flights Central, and Angel Flights Mid-Atlantic.

Hope Flight Foundation provides medical air transportation in the states of California, Nevada, and Oregon.

Airlift Hope Southeast services the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Learn more here.

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