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SMART Board Resources for Teachers

Here is a list of websites with subject-specific SMART Board resources for teachers.

Social Studies

  • Social Studies SMART Board Activities: A list of SMART Board activities for teachers of social studies.
  • Interactive Sites for SMART Board Use: List of websites that provide SMART Board interactive activities for social studies and other subjects.
  • SMART Board Lessons for Social Studies: Lots of social studies lesson plans for SMART Board use.
  • SMART Board History Lessons: A wide selection of SMART Board history lessons and activities for teachers.
  • Social Studies SMART Board Resources: A list of links to various SMART Board activities for social studies.
  • SMART Board Ideas for Social Studies: Resources for SMART Board ideas for teachers who are teaching social studies.
  • SMART Board in the Classroom: SMART Board ideas, lesson plans, and resources for social studies class.
  • Social Studies SMART Board Tools: Links to various SMART Board tools for teaching social studies.


  • Elementary Interactive SMART Board Sites: Links to websites with SMART Board activities for math as well as other subjects.
  • SMART Board Math Activities: Interactive websites that offer SMART Board math activities.
  • SMART Board Math Lesson Ideas: A selection of math lesson ideas for SMART Board use.
  • Math and Science SMART Board Lessons: A list of SMART Board lesson plans for math and science teachers.
  • SMART Board Lesson Files: Elementary and secondary SMART Board lesson files for math and other subjects.
  • Math SMART Board Activities: Various SMART Board math activities for pre-K to 12.
  • SMART Board Math Websites: List of websites that provide SMART Board interactive activities for math teachers.
  • SMART Board Math Links: A collection of links to math SMART Board activities.
  • Interactive SMART Board Math: A variety of interactive SMART Board activities for math.


Communication Arts

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