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Welfare Reform Resources

Welfare reform is an idea that involves changes in social policy to better the public of that particular country. There have been several countries undergoing the same process, though the reforms held in the United States and Britain are the two most popular case studies. The process has worked in varying degrees, but there are many social scientists still debating how effective the programs were.

The Welfare Reform at Wikipedia page contains information on the process and how it worked in different countries including Britain and France. The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act also on Wikipedia focuses on the major welfare reform projects brought forth in the United States. The main purpose of this page is the Act passed by President Bill Clinton while still in office.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services completed a study entitled What Works Best for Whom. Subtitled “Effects of Welfare Reform Policies on Subgroups of Current and Former Welfare Recipients, 2000-2004,” it examined how the policies passed effected those needing help in the United States.

The Urban Policy section of the White House’s official website updates the ideas of welfare reform, how they relate to President Barrack Obama, and what he plans to do in the future. Many people consider welfare reform a dead issue, one that ended when Bill Clinton left office. One of those authors, Kay Hymowitz, discussed the benefits and progress the program once made in How Welfare Reform Worked.

One of the better articles on the 1996 Act and how it worked in the U.S. is Welfare Reform: Progress, Pitfalls and Potential. This article lists what worked, what didn’t work, and the potential for the future. Those wanting to find more information can also visit Welfare Reform Briefs, which lists briefs dating back to 1998 in their full state.

The Assistant Secretary for Legislation lists a Testimony on Welfare Reform. This contains a number of topics relating to welfare reform such as why it came about and how it came about.

How Welfare Reform Changed America was published in USA Today in 2006 and looked at how the reform concepts changed the cultural landscape of their country. By using real life individuals and case studies, they show the human or emotional side of those changes.

Study Finds Key to Welfare Reform Is Focus on Addiction was the end result of a study taking two years. The social scientists involved found correlating evidence that called for a change in welfare reform. They hypothesized that if more money is spent on curing and helping addicts, the overall costs for social reform will drop.

There are other resources for those interested in welfare reform including Welfare Reform: An Overview, Welfare Reform Has Led to More Work but Less Education, Welfare Reform-National Conference of State Legislatures, and Welfare Reform and Women‘s College Enrollment.

Some organizations such as Action Donation Services® process car donations to help some of America’s finest charities many of whom help individuals to free themselves from the need of government welfare services.

Other useful links include Welfare Reform Undermined, Welfare & Barriers to Employment, About Welfare Reform, and Welfare’s Changing Face.

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