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  • Donate Your No Longer Needed Car, Boat, Yacht, or RV to Charity

  • Receive the Maximum Legal Tax Deduction and Possibly a Partial Cash Payment When You Donate a Vehicle to Charity

    Fast, free pickup of qualified donations for donors nationwide.

  • Consider Donating Your Yacht to One of Our Qualified Client Charities

    We specialize in processing high value yacht and boat donations!

About Our Donation Services

In business for more than 15 years, Action Donation Services® picks up and processes donated vehicles, boats, yachts, RVs, aircraft, heavy equipment, and other donated property for many of America’s best-known and trusted charities. Our donation service is fast, easy, and hassle free! We pick up qualified donations promptly and free of charge for donors nationwide. If you have ever considered donating your no longer needed property, please contact us today! You can quickly receive a free no-obligation evaluation to make sure your potential donation will be profitable for your selected charity. Our operators are standing by to discuss your donation.

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For more specific information about the type of donation you are considering, please select one of our services below to learn more about donating your vehicle, RV, truck, boat, yacht, or other property to your favorite charity, church, school, or foundation.

Why Choose Action Donation Services to Process Your Donation

We Do Everything Reasonable to Maximize Your Legal Tax Deduction!

We are different from our competitors in several significant ways. Whenever it will be financially beneficial for you and your charity, we will refurbish or repair your donated property. Doing so will usually increase the selling price of your donation and help you to qualify for a larger tax deduction, and usually results in a higher income for your charity of choice!

We Offer “Partial Cash Payments” for Qualified “High Value” Donations

Man who just donated through our car donation serviceAction Donation Services® provides this option as an exclusive for donors to our client charities! It is one of the many unique benefits that set us apart from other services. The IRS calls this partial cash payment option a “Bargain Sale,” and it is perfectly legitimate when properly reported. Your gift can be partly a donation and partly a sale. For qualifying donations—usually higher value car donations, motorhomes, and high worth boats and yachts—we are able to offer the donor some cash as well as a potential legal tax deduction.

You should, of course, always check with your tax preparer or tax advisor before claiming any property donation as a deduction. If this option is of interest to you, contact us today and speak with one of our courteous operators to see if your donation qualifies.

We Take Care of Everything for You Fast and Hassle Free!

Donating your vehicle or vessel is a wonderful alternative to the often lengthy and involved process of trying to sell your no-longer-needed property yourself. When you use our service, you do not have to worry about such things as test drives, low offers, mechanical repairs, liability issues, advertising expenses, or the time consuming process of showing and selling your property to a complete stranger—which could pose a potential risk to you and/or your family. When you donate property, we take care of everything! We are meticulous in handling title transfers and other paperwork correctly, and providing you with the receipts required by the IRS in order for you to claim a tax deduction. IRS receipts are always sent to you promptly when your property is sold for your charity.

Or Complete Our “No obligation” Online Donation Evaluation Form Below.

What Donors and Charities Are Saying

Donor - Diane, West Hollywood, CA

A typical donor testimonial!

I decided to donate my damaged Jeep Wrangler … Action made the donation process completely hassle-free! I couldn’t believe it when I heard they had successfully repaired the engine and sold my Jeep for almost $8,000! That’s what I call a tax write-off …

Client Charity - James A. Floros

Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer, Burn Institute

Courteous service and efficient handling of donated property has been our experience with Action Donation Services. They are honest, reliable and we get good feedback from our donors...