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About Action Donation Services® Client Charities

Charity ListingsAction Donation Services® (ADS) has contracted with and been processing donated property including high value vessel donations since 2002, for hundreds of America’s finest charities, schools and foundations.

For more than eighteen years these non-profits have relied on and trusted Action’s expertise to maximize their property donation income.

All ADS client charities have conducted their “due diligence” and then contracted with Action Donation Services® to facilitate their property donations. They chose the ADS program because it has many unique features such as repairing and upgrading donated property in order to maximize the value of the donation and offering “partial cash payments” to donors to encourage high value donations – these are all features not offered by facilitating competitors. These unique features that differentiate Action Donation from their competitors increase the proceeds going to the charity and increase the amount of tax deduction the donor can claim. Donors and non-profits love the Action Donation program!

The ADS charity contract establishes an “agency relationship” between the charity and Action – as required by the IRS — allowing ADS to legally facilitate property donations on behalf of the charity. The ADS Agreement (contract) also contains many protections for both the charity and donors – such as, from the moment that Action takes possession of the donated property, they assume all liability and expenses related to processing the donation, until the property is sold – which protects both the charity and the donor.

Here are Just a Few of the Action Donation Services Client Charities.

You will recognize many of the charities on this partial listing of our client charities. We have client charities in almost every category of non-profit service. Such as veteran support, youth, environment, health, pet humane, housing, education, religion, family and other community services. The examples of client charities below show the variety of non-profits Action has under contract. We have many more under contract than what you see below!

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Are You a Non-Profit That Would Like to be Added to our Qualified Charity Listing?

Action Donation Services® currently has more Than 300 additional non-profits under contract beyond those listed above. Because of current market conditions, Action almost entirely focuses on securing high value vessel and yacht donations. Because of our reputation and experience in processing these high value donations, demand for our services is increasing. We are receiving many yacht donation referrals from satisfied previous yacht donors and yacht brokers. We have found that most of the donors of high value vessels tell us “I don’t have a favorite charity … would you suggest one?” When that happens, we suggest they select a non-profit from our list of qualified and contracted charities. If the donor’s preferred charity is not on our list, we will if the donor wishes us to do so, contact the donors preferred charity to see if they wish to contract with Action Donation Services®. There is no cost or risk to getting “signed up” with our service. If you are a non-profit that would like to be considered to be added to our QUALIFIED CHARITY LISTING – please click on the button below.


The Action Donation Services® (ADS) client charity logos and/or links to their respective web sites listed on this page are provided as a service to those seeking more information about the kinds and categories of charities who have contracted with ADS. However, client charity web sites are not under the control of ADS and therefore ADS is not responsible for the contents of any client charity site or any link contained in a client charity site. Listing of charities by ADS does not imply endorsement of any content, opinions, views expressed on their site, or representations about the charity that may be found at a client charity web site.