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Charity Fundraising: Why Select Action Donation Services® to Manage High Value Vessel and Yacht Donations on Your Behalf?

Ted Cox, Charity Fundraising expert.

“As an experienced non-profit professional, I know that charity fundraising to provide essential services to people in need is a constant challenge. Please be aware that millions of dollars are going to charities every year from high value vessel and yacht donations and there is no reason why some of that money shouldn’t be going to your non-profit, university, or foundation.

I feel strongly that most charities and vehicle donation company’s do not have the expertise to effectively, safely, and profitably handle yacht and high value property donations. Therefore, it is essential that charities have a trusted organization with the experience, expertise, and proper facilities to process these donations in a way that complies fully with all IRS requirements. And at the same time, maximizes the income going to the charity and the potential legal tax deduction available to the donor. Action is a “for profit” corporation that has been facilitating yacht donations for non-profit client charities since April 17, 2002.”

“Action Donation Services® handles the property donations for some of America’s finest charities. The company has unique proprietary skills and experience when it comes to processing high value boats and yachts. The yacht donation market has billion-dollar potential! Most of the owners of these high value vessels are referred to Action by previous satisfied clients and/or yacht brokers. Most of these referrals tell Action they do not have a favorite charity. Action then suggests one of their client charities.”

“I was a non-profit professional for over 30 years and based on my experience charity fundraising,  I believe that Action Donation Services® provides the very best yacht donation management service available for charitable organizations! That is why I have agreed to represent them to their client charities. They are ethical, honest, and they maximize the revenue going to the charity much better than anyone else does. Action® handles everything for the charity and donor from start to finish. They also have the experience and unique methods to do everything possible to maximize the tax deduction available to the donor. I am proud to recommend them without reservation.”

-Ted Cox, LLC
Charity Development

How to Get Charity Fundraising Information About Becoming an Action Donation® Client?

Get information about becoming an Action Donation Services® client so your organization will be on Action’s list of qualified clients that may be suggested to a potential high value vessel donor. Simply fill in the ”no obligation” form below and SUBMIT it. There is absolutely no costs involved in “signing up” your non-profit to authorize Action Donation to be able to refer high value vessel donation proceeds to your organization!

Action will promptly send you a no-obligation email containing the information you need to answer most of your questions and allow you to evaluate having Action Donation Services be allowed to refer and process yacht donations on your behalf. Once you have reviewed our information, we would be happy to answer any additional remaining questions that you may have.

Call our toll-free number for further information about Action Donation Services managed Yacht and High Value Vessel Fundraising Service for charities program. Let us explain how we take care of everything for you and help you to increase your donation income.

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