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About Action Donation Services® and Our Key Management Team

Action Yacht Donation Services® is a California corporation that has been facilitating high value vessel and yacht donations nationwide on behalf of our client charities for more than eighteen years. We have contractual agreements with more than 350 client charities to process their donated property. We facilitate high value property promptly and expertly for donors of qualified donations nationwide.

Our unique program results in donors being able to claim the highest legally possible tax deductions. It generates the highest average income flows per donation for our non-profit clients. We have developed unique procedures and proprietary methods for processing properties such as yachts and luxury vessels.

Our experienced key management team and staff always goes the extra mile to maximize the value and satisfaction of every donation for both donors and their selected charity recipients.

Craig J. Witt, Action Yacht Donation Services® Founder and CEO

Craig Witt, founder and CEO of Action Yacht Donation Services,.

Our founder and CEO grew up on Galveston Island, TX, in a family with history in the fishing industry. He learned early to work hard and love the sea. Craig began boating with his father by the age of three, and was learning how to service vessels by the age of six. He started servicing vessels on his own by the age of ten. By the age of 14, he was purchasing and renovating vessels for a profit!

Craig became a successful entrepreneur in the marine, recreational vehicles, and automotive industries. He also invested in real estate while honing the skills necessary to launch Action Donation Services® in 2002.

He has managed and grown Action Donation Services to the success it is today—all without any outside investment.

Ted Cox, Client Charity Development

Ted Cox, Action Donation charity and yacht donation expert

Ted has been responsible for recruiting and signing up qualified client charities to benefit from the Action Donation Services® program for more than twenty years. And then, once a charity has contracted with Action Donation,  training them in regard to property donation methods designed to increase charity income. Since 2002, Ted has signed up and trained over 350 client charities for Action Yacht Donation Services®.

Prior to his efforts on behalf of Action, Ted’s experience includes developing—and then selling—several businesses. This was followed by an eighteen year career with the Boy Scouts of America. When he retired from the  BSA in 2001, he had been the successful CEO of one of the nation’s largest Boy Scout Councils for nine years. While serving in that position, Ted enjoyed major successes in recruiting and motivating top-level volunteers. He had consistent success in fundraising and endowment development.

Because of his long time involvement (more than 35 years total) and successes in advising non-profit management, Ted understands the needs and challenges of charities. He  always goes the “extra mile” to help Action Yacht Donation clients in any way he can and whenever he can.

Ted has a BS degree in Business Management from Cal State Northridge and a business MS degree in Human Development and Leadership from Murray State University. He has been a non-profit fundraising consultant for more than twenty years.

In addition to his interest in high value yacht and luxury vessels, Ted has always been a “car guy”. He began building hot rods, race cars, and custom vehicles all the way back in his high school days in Southern California. Building fast cars continues to be Ted’s hobby to this day. Click here to learn more about Ted’s cars.

Additional Action Yacht Donation Services® Team Members

In addition to experienced office personnel, an accounting specialist, a CPA, and legal counsel, Action® has identified and contracted over the years with expert marine professionals throughout the nation. This veteran group of craftsmen, marina managers, certified electronic and engine specialists and others, ​​ ​Yacht Donation Professional for Action Donationhelp complete the Action Yacht Donation Services® Team.

These contractors have proven to us over the years that they are well trained and experienced in their various specialties. They are fully insured, licensed and certified.  And most important, we know we can depend on them to perform at a very professional level ensuring that marine refits, upgrades and/or repairs are completed to the highest standards and specifications – and they do it for us and our clients for a very fair price!