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  • Are You Having Trouble Selling Your Yacht?

    Donating a Yacht to Charity is Often a Much Better Option Than Selling!

  • You May Qualify for a Full Appraised Value Tax

    Deduction When You Donate Your Vessel to Charity!

  • Consider Donating Your Yacht to
    One of Our Qualified Client Charities

    We specialize in processing high value yacht and boat donations!

Action Donation Services® is a “for profit” corporation that has been facilitating donated yachts and high value vessels for some of America’s best-known charities since 2002. We have developed proprietary techniques and have extensive experience in processing high value vessel and yacht donations which comply with all IRS regulations. Our unique ability to safely and properly facilitate yacht donations is resulting in significantly increased demand for our services from yacht owners – many of whom have been referred to us by satisfied previous donors!

Donating a yacht to a charity is often a much better option for donors rather than trying to sell their vessel. Instead of the owner having to sell through a broker, they can donate to a favorite charity and enjoy an immediate tax deduction. It frees the donor’s time to enjoy other interests, fulfills the philanthropic desires of the donor and results in the donor not having to wait sometimes years for a broker to sell the vessel – all the while incurring holding costs, the expenses of maintaining the yacht, dockage, crew costs, depreciation and the costs of maintaining insurance --and much more! The Action Donation Services® program is a “Win-Win” for both the donor and the benefiting charity. Donors and charities love our services.

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You can quickly receive a no-obligation evaluation to see if your potential yacht or high value vessel can qualify for a tax deduction based on the full survey value of your vessel. Our expert yacht donation professionals are ready to answer your questions and discuss the potential benefits to you. If you are considering whether to donate, please call us today or submit our Yacht Donation Evaluation Form.

OR CLICK HERE to Complete Our “No Obligation” On-line Yacht Donation Evaluation Form.

Why Choose Action Donation Services to Process Your Donation

Yacht donation expertIf you have a qualified donation, we will explain the Action Donation Services Tax Advantage ProgramSM which assures the donor of a yacht or high value vessel that the program meets the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service. Our program assures the donor that they can claim 100% of the gross sale price or the full survey value of the vessel depending on the program selected.

Action Donation Services® is singularly capable of maximizing your tax deduction for the donation of your vessel to charity. Our Action Donation Services Tax Advantage ProgramSM is unique because we have the worldwide capability to facilitate and completely renovate any yacht or high value vessel. We often make significant material improvements to donated vessels in order to maximize the value of the donation.

We also assure donors that if your yacht or vessel is to be used by a qualified and relevant charity, to help fulfill the mission of the charity as defined by the IRS, the charity will hold the vessel for the sufficient time and/or usage period required to satisfy IRS requirements. Our careful and meticulous procedures will give you the peace of mind to know that you can claim the maximum legal tax deduction based on the survey value of your vessel at the time of donation.

For more information, call our toll-free number or submit our on-line Yacht Donation Evaluation Form. Our yacht donation professionals are happy to answer your questions.

OR CLICK HERE to Complete Our “No Obligation” On-line Yacht Donation Evaluation Form.

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