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Donate a Car Kentucky

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Donating Your Car Is Easy!

Kentucky area car donations: Receive the maximum legal tax deduction and possibly a partial cash payment when you donate a vehicle or boat anywhere in the State of Kentucky.

  • Donate a no longer needed KY vehicle or boat
  • Donate an RV or motorhome
  • Donate a personal watercraft or yacht
  • Donate heavy construction or farm equipment
  • Donate a Kentucky large or small truck or van

Our “no-hassle” car, boat, and RV donation service in Louisville, Owensboro, Lexington, Bowling Green, Murray, Richmond, Covington, Henderson, Frankfort, Hopkinsville, Florence, Paducah, Jeffersontown, and throughout Kentucky is fast and convenient! When you donate a car in Kentucky, we schedule a prompt pick up for your qualified vehicle or boat donation at a time convenient to you—and always free of charge to the donor!

Call now for further information and receive a “no obligation” evaluation to make sure your potential car or other property donation is acceptable by proceeding in one of two ways:

  1. Call our Toll-Free Number now at (866) 244-8464 and tell us about your contemplated donation.
  2. Or complete our On-Line Donation Evaluation Form below:

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  • Last Step! Just click the “SUBMIT” button below and one of our experienced Yacht Donation experts will contact you to discuss your potential vessel donation and assist you in selecting a worthy and qualified charity.

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Donate a Car, Boat, or RV to Your Favorite Charity or One of Ours!

Help Kentucky wounded warriors and veterans. Vehicle donations in KY will help the needy.

Action Car and Boat Donation Services® has exclusive contracts with hundreds of trusted charities, non-profits, and foundations for you to select from to be the recipient of your donation.

Avoid the hassle of trying to sell your no longer needed car or boat to strangers by donating it to your favorite charity. Help non-profits and foundations that specialize in wounded warrior and paralyzed veteran support, housing for the homeless, environment protection, medical and health services, humane societies, family and community services, religious organizations, and other worthy charities. You can select your favorite charity ask or us for a recommendation.

Select from over 360 charities!

Action Donation Services® has exclusive contracts with over 360 client charities, foundations, and religious organizations. You can select one of our client charities or suggest a favorite charity of your own. Call us for further information. Here are just a few of our favorite trusted client non-profits:

Wounded Warrior HomesSea to Shore Alliance Smallresearch-to-prevent-blindness-300x73Ronald McDonald
burn-institute-logoPVA North Central Chapterparentsof murdered children logo
wheelchairs-4-kids-logohealth-fitness-logolazarex-its-about-living-blueClearwater Marine Aquarium Small


Why ACTION CAR DONATION SERVICES® is the best choice for Kentucky vehicle and boat donors!

Tax deduction when you donate a vehicle in Kentucky

Our service team of experts serving Kentucky donors has been processing car and boat donations for charity for more than 15 years. Action Vehicle Donation Services® will always “go the extra mile” for donors and their selected charities.

If economically feasible, we do everything reasonable that we can to increase the value of any vehicle or boat you donate. We regularly go “above and beyond” in our efforts to generate the highest income possible from donated property.

We try to maximize the selling price of donations because in most cases the contributor’s tax deduction will be equal to no more than the gross selling price of the donation—the selling price before any expenses are deducted. Since 2005, donation value estimations are no longer accepted by the IRS for most property donations. Therefore, higher selling prices result in higher possible legal tax deductions for the donor and more income for the charity or foundation.

We also may, for qualifying “high worth” donations, offer the possibility of some cash to the donor (called by the IRS a “bargain sale”). It may be possible for you to receive both a tax deduction and some cash! If the idea of receiving both receiving a legal tax deduction and some cash interests you, call us for more information now toll-free at (866) 244-8464.

We Welcome Kentucky Boat, Yacht, and RV Donations!

When you try to donate a boat, we are sad to say that most of our competitors don’t seem to want boat or motorhome donations! Action Donation Car & Boat Donation Services® loves boat and motorhome donations and in fact we are SPECIALISTS when it comes to receiving and processing donated yachts, boats, cabin cruisers, sail boats, motorhomes, and RVs!

Kentucky donations

We rebuilt the engine of this donated boat before selling it to make available the largest tax deduction possible to the donor and to increase the cash going to the client charity. This boat is typical of the kind of improvements we regularly make to donated property processed by our service. ADS will often make significant material improvements to donated motorhomes and RVs (whenever financially beneficial) to increase the value of the donation. Engine and transmission repairs, body work, new paint, and new interiors are typical of the effort put into INCREASING THE VALUE of donations processed for some of America’s finest charities.

Some Interesting Facts about Kentucky:

Kentucky seal

Kentucky is known as the “Bluegrass State” because bluegrass is found in pastures and lawns statewide resulting in the beautiful hills of Kentucky.

Kentucky is known for many good things including horse racing, college basketball, bluegrass music, and bourbon.

Kentucky has 90,000 miles of streams—one of the largest and most complex systems in the nation.

Kentuckians please donate a car, boat, or RV today – You’ll be Glad You Did!

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