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Car Donations – Worry Free!

You can help San Francisco Bay area charities and the needy by donating a car, boat, yacht, RV, truck, aircraft, or other property to your favorite charity or foundation. When you donate a vehicle, vessel, motorhome, or other property, our service in the San Francisco area is fast, easy, and convenient! There is absolutely no charge to donors for pickup of qualified donations locally or anywhere in the nation.

We pick up donated cars, trucks, and boats throughout the USA for some of America’s best known charity chapters such as Special Olympics, Boys & Girls Clubs, Wounded Warrior Homes, and many other non-profits, foundations, and religious organizations.

By donating, you do not have to worry about selling the property yourself, including low offers, providing “test drives” to unknown persons, mechanical repairs, liability issues, or advertising expenses. The time-consuming process of showing and selling your property to a stranger could pose a potential risk to you and/or your family. Please help the charity of your choice and let Action Donation Services® handle everything for you and your charity.

If you’ve been wondering, “Is it possible for me to donate a car, help my favorite charity—and get a tax deduction as well?”—The answer is yes, and you might also qualify for a partial cash payment (IRS Bargain Sale) in addition to receiving a tax deduction. Call us for more information or use our on-line donation form below to make sure that your RV, car, yacht, or boat donation will be profitable for your selected charity to accept.

  1. Call our Toll-Free Number now at (866) 244-8464 and tell us about your contemplated donation.
  2. Or complete our On-Line Donation Evaluation Form below:

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  • Last Step! Just click the “SUBMIT” button below and one of our experienced Yacht Donation experts will contact you to discuss your potential vessel donation and assist you in selecting a worthy and qualified charity.

Donors Recommend Action Donation Services!

“I recently had a terrible time trying to donate an old boat and trailer. I was very discouraged after several charities and their car donation services refused my donation. Some said they didn’t need any boats, others said they no longer accepted boats, etc. I also knew my title transfer would be difficult because the boat title had been transferred several times between more than one state. I am so thankful I found Action Donation Services. They gladly accepted my donation, handled my title issues effectively, and the whole thing was a pleasure. I was thrilled to donate the proceeds to a fine charity in my area. Thank you, Action Donation.” – John, (ID# 585888) San Francisco, CA –

“My old motorhome had several problems that needed to be repaired, so I decided to donate it to a local charity serviced by Action Donation Services. What a wonderful experience that was! Action fixed up my 1987 motorhome and then sold it for $7,000! I was happy to help a great charity and receive a tax deduction. I have no hesitation in recommending Action Donation to anyone.”. – Douglas, (ID# 313123) Sonoma, CA –

We believe Action Donation Services® San Francisco is the very finest vehicle donation service available to serve you.

Our donors and charities love us because we consistently strive to go “above and beyond” the usual donation services. Over 350 of the most trusted charities, non-profits, and foundations have contracted with us to exclusively handle their property donations.

IRS tax deduction possible for car donations.

Since 2005, the tax laws have been changed regarding vehicle and boat donation tax deductions. Current tax laws in most cases permit the donor to claim as a tax deduction the “gross selling price” of the donation—at the time the donation is sold for the charity (“Blue Book” valuations for vehicle donations are no longer acceptable to the IRS in most cases).

The gross selling price is the selling price before any expenses are deducted. It is the price the buyer paid for the donated property. Therefore, it is important that you use a service to process your donation that will do everything reasonable to improve the selling price of your donation. The higher the selling price, the greater the possible tax deduction.

Whenever economically feasible, Action will do everything reasonable to secure the highest sales price possible for your donation. Whenever possible, we sell in the retail market (not wholesale). When you donate a car or other property, we will accept nothing less than a fair price for your donation, benefiting both the charity and the donor.

Also for certain “high value” donations, we may be able to offer to the donor the possibility of a partial cash payment (IRS “bargain sale”). When structured properly, the IRS “Bargain Sale” provides for the donor some cash as well as a tax deduction. Call us for more information.

Donate a Car, Boat, or RV to Your Favorite Charity or One of Ours!

Car donations can help San Francisco charities.

Donate a vehicle and help wounded warriors.

We have contracts with over 350 fine charities for you to select from. Your property donation can help non-profits that specialize in veteran support, homeless housing, youth, the environment, health services, animal rescue, humane societies, family services, community non-profits, religious organizations, and a variety of other non-profits and foundations. Just let us know which charity you would like to help or ask us to suggest one of our favorites.


Here are just a few of our client charities benefiting the San Francisco Bay area.

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