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When it comes to caring for animals, it is extremely important for people to do their part, no matter how small it might be. There are large numbers of animals that are tragically abused and neglected, or abandoned entirely, and while not everyone is at liberty to volunteer regularly at a shelter or a charity, we can still help in several other ways. For example, spread awareness by talking to other people about helping animals, make a donation to your local animal shelter, or adopt a homeless animal. Donating and volunteering with animals can be very rewarding; the best part is knowing that our actions have made a significant impact on another’s life. Get started today by finding a charity among the links below to donate to or volunteer with. This article is provided by Action Donation Services® who supports the efforts of many qualified animal and humane societies dedicated to helping animals by processing donated cars, boats, RVs, trucks, and heavy equipment to benefit worthy animal charities:

General Animal Charities

  • The Humane Society of Utah – Animals of all types cared for and placed in loving homes.
  • Caroline County Humane Society – Your donation will help us care for the hundreds of abandoned, neglected and stray dogs and cats that come to our animal shelter every month
  • Humane Society of Washington County – Supporting and helping animals for over 30 years.
  • For Pets’ Sake Humane Society – An all-volunteer group that seeks to improve the lives of companion animals.
  • Heartland Humane Society – Heartland Humane Society is a local, not-for-profit animal welfare organization. Founded in Benton County by a number of compassionate citizens in 1966
  • ASPCA – The ASPCA is a national charity that helps animals, with a focus on domestic animals.
  • DELTA Rescue – This group operates a no-kill sanctuary for dogs and cats.
  • Animal Protection and Rescue League – APRL, a charity group, aims to expose and reduce cases of animal cruelty while educating the public about it.
  • American Humane Association – A long-standing organization, the AHA rescues and protects domestic animals as well as farm animals.
  • Dogs & Cats Stranded on the Streets – Homeless dogs and cats are given medical treatment at this rescue group, and then given to caring families.
  • Animal League – The Animal League, headquartered in New York, rescues and places cats and dogs into loving homes.
  • Hearts United for Animals – Abandoned or hurt domestic animals can find refuge and care at this no-kill sanctuary.
  • In Defense of Animals – This group has successfully run a large number of projects and campaigns to rescue all kinds of animals, from pets to wildlife.

Charities for Cats

  • Alley Cat Allies – ACA is an American organization dedicated solely to the protection of cats, including feral cats.
  • Alley Cat Rescue – This national group rescues cats and finds suitable homes for them.
  • Siamese Rescue – Siamese cats are taken in and cared for through this non-profit group in an attempt to reduce the need for euthanasia.
  • NEADY Cats – Based in Massachusetts, this charity saves homeless cats and cares for them at a no-kill shelter.
  • MEOW Cat Rescue – MEOW rescues and places over a thousand cats every year.
  • Cats R Us – Cats receive medical treatment and care at this open shelter, where they can freely roam instead of being caged.
  • Metro Ferals – This charity group focuses on using non-lethal ways to control local populations of feral cats.

Charities for Dogs

  • National Greyhound Foundation – Racing greyhounds that are retired can be rescued and adopted at the NGF.
  • Labs4Rescue – Labrador Retrievers and Labrador mixed breeds are taken in, treated medically, and placed in foster or permanent care.
  • Puppies Behind Bars – Puppies perform a double service through this organization that allows prison inmates to raise and train them before delivering the dogs to injured war veterans.
  • Canine Health Foundation – The American Kennel Club’s foundation improves dog health through research and education.
  • Dogs Deserve Better – This unique organization rescues dogs that are penned or chained up.
  • Dogs on Death Row – Dogs that are to be killed due to lack of funds or foster care are rescued by this non-profit charity.
  • Dogs for the Deaf – Homeless dogs are rescued and given a second chance after they are trained to live and work with disabled people.

Charities for Wildlife

  • Primate Rescue Center – Located in Kentucky, this sanctuary cares for all kinds of apes and monkeys.
  • Release Chimpanzees – This non-profit group campaigns to stop experimentation on chimpanzees.
  • Big Cat Rescue – Exotic big cats are rescued from neglectful owners and hunters and placed in a sanctuary.
  • Orangutan Foundation International – The OFI not only serves to protect orangutans, but also runs conservation efforts for their natural habitats.
  • World Wildlife Organization – The WWF is one of the world’s leading organizations devoted to protecting all kinds of wildlife species.
  • Defenders of Wildlife – This American organization protects native wildlife through extensive conservation efforts.
  • Pacific Wildlife Project – Run entirely by volunteers, the PWP saves and treats injured wildlife along the west coast.
  • Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation – The WRR operates at a large Texas-based facility where numerous wild animals and birds are treated.

Charities for Farm Animals

  • Farm Animal Reform Movement – FARM, a non-profit group, is dedicated towards eliminating the use of farm animals as a source of food.
  • Tranquility Farm – Accepts the donation of Thoroughbred horses from the racetrack and breeding farm, and our goal is to give each horse their best opportunity to find an adoptive home. For those who are not readily adoptable we offer comfortable retirement whenever possible.
  • Horse Charities of America – This charity rescues and rehabilitates horses before finding ways to improve their lives.
  • Farm Sanctuary – Farm Sanctuary seeks to protect farm animals from cruel practices.
  • Humane Farming Association – The HFA works to protect farm animals and improve their quality of life.
  • Days End Farm Horse Rescue – Neglected, abused and abandoned horses are cared for by this volunteer-run group.
  • Compassion Over Killing – COK helps to end cruelty to animals used for agricultural purposes, while promoting vegetarianism.
  • The Humane League – This humane group runs several programs to reduce cruelty towards farm animals, along with educational efforts and campaigns.
  • United Poultry Concerns – Chickens and other farm birds are helped by the UPC’s efforts in improving their treatment.

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