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Keeping Your Pets Safe in the Car

For many pet owners, warmer weather tends to mean more car rides for their furry friends. Many pets love car rides, but before pulling out of the driveway it is important to follow some precautions to keep your pet safe while on the road. For most people, it is second nature to put on a seat belt when they get in the car but oftentimes people don’t necessarily think about the safety of their pets. The following are some tips provided by Action Donation Services that will keep your furry family member safe and happy in your car or recreational vehicle.

Keep Your Pet Out of the Front Seat

Pets will often want to explore and move around the car and because of this, it is important to keep them restrained for their own safety as well as yours. Dogs and other pets should never travel in the front seat; if an airbag were to deploy it could seriously injure the animal. Keeping pets in the back seat in restraints is best. Gates that block off a portion of the back of the car can be used to restrain pets, as can crates for smaller animals. Another solution would be the use of a harness that clips into the seat belt to keep your pet in place. Pet car seats can also be purchased for smaller dogs. The car seats for pets generally sit up high allowing your dog to look out the window.

Never Leave Your Pet in the Car

It is very important to never leave your pet in the car unattended. Temperatures inside of a vehicle can rise very quickly in the summer. Even with the windows open the high, and rapidly rising temperatures, can be very dangerous for a pet. If you must leave your vehicle for any period of time, it is important to take your pet with you or leave them home altogether. When it is hot, it is also always a good idea to travel with water and a collapsible water dish so your pet has access to a drink, especially during long car rides.

Keep Your Pet Comfortable in the Car

While many pets love to take car rides, others aren’t fond of the car so it is important to keep them as comfortable as possible. In this case, it is a good idea to put together a pet travel kit. A travel kit should include food, a bowl, fresh water, a pet first aid kit, and the pet’s favorite toy, which will give them a sense of comfort. If you are taking a long trip, it is best to start out with short car rides and slowly increase the length of time spent in the car to prepare your pet. Also, always make sure you are stopping frequently enough to allow your pet to relieve itself.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

On long trips especially, pets will get restless. Dogs in particular love to hang their heads out the window, but this can be very dangerous. Your pet could be exposed to eye and inner ear damage, could be hit by flying objects, and if the window is open wide you risk them leaping out unexpectedly which can lead to serious injury or death. Different states have different laws regarding restraining pets when driving. If you are planning to take a trip out of state with your pet, it is important to brush up on restraint laws for any state you will be passing through. Pets are considered a member of the family for many owners and should be kept safe and secure in the car any time they are taken out for a trip.

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