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Complete Guide to Knots

Knots are an essential part of boating and sailing, and every good boater has an arsenal of knot that they can pull from memory at a moment’s notice. There are secure knots, knots for movement, and knots used to tie ropes together, and it’s essential for a sailor to know which knot does what. If you ever sell or donate a boat, make sure the future owner is aware of the knots that are most commonly used with the boat. Bowline The bowline knot is a very versatile knot that is perfect for sailing. It’s fast, simple, and is commonly used to attach jib sheets to the jib’s clew. Spanish Bowline While not the most common knot, the Spanish Bowline is useful for towing and can also be used as a makeshift bosons chair for rescues, as the two loops can be placed around the legs. Figure 8 Loop Figure […]

Drive Safe: A Guide to Driving Your Car Safely

Our cars are often our lifelines to the outside world. They get us to work, shopping, shuttling our families around town and are our transportation to many far away destinations. However, if we don’t regularly inspect our vehicles and keep them well maintained, all that travel can be put in jeopardy. This is especially true for those just beginning to drive because they do not have the ability to recognize some common problems. Keeping a vehicle in tiptop shape is a dual effort that involves both the owner and those who service the vehicle. Financially it makes sense to personally do most of the maintenance, but don’t attempt it if there isn’t access to the correct tools or the knowledge in which to do it correctly. A qualified repair shop is usually best for more major issues that arise. Some cars have special requirements and may require the use of […]

A Boater’s Guide to New York State’s Waterway: The Erie Canal

The Erie Canal was officially proposed for the first time back in 1807. It was noted for being the very first system of transportation between New York City and the Great Lakes that did not necessitate any portage. Another advantage for travelers was that it was a faster means of transportation than carts pulled by animals. Its construction also helped save travelers money because it reduced the costs of transportation by 95 percent. A waterway that can be found in New York, the Erie Canal runs for 363 miles. It travels from Albany to Buffalo, along the Hudson River until it arrives at Lake Erie. The Erie Canal basically completes a water route that is navigable, from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Great Lakes. A total of 36 locks span the length of the canal, and its total elevation differential is approximately 570 feet. The reasons behind […]

A Guide to Volunteering and Donating

Donating money, items, or volunteering your time at a non-profit or public agency benefits not only the targeted population but also yourself. Funding will help organizations provide their services, donated items can be used by less-fortunate individuals to establish a home for themselves, and volunteer hours can help groups continue to operate. Participating in charity organizations enables you to help less fortunate persons move towards living healthy, productive lives. In minutes or just a few short hours, you can make a difference in your community or the nation. Why Volunteer?: Provided by the Rhode Island Hospital System, this short article discusses the benefits of volunteering. Benefits of Volunteering: Written by Susan Ellis, this article discusses the reasons why volunteering benefits everyone. The page is provided by Charity Guide, a website that provides volunteering information and opportunities to users. Why Volunteer?: Hosted by the University of Missouri, St. Louis, this page […]

A Life of Giving: The Complete Charity Resource

Charity can be defined as the unconditional giving to people or causes requiring support. The person or organization involved in charity is not related to the disadvantaged party who is being given a donation. Modern Charity: Some information on reforms in charities for modern times. Charity Explained: Provides information on charity and its wide reaching implications. Defining Charity: Discusses Christian charity and practical action. Charity and Karma: Describes the connection between charity and karma. Charity or Love: Another definition according to the scriptures. What is a Charity?: Explains the meaning of charity and its implications. Donating to Charity: Learn how to determine nonprofits and charities. Volunteer Charity: A site for people who want to volunteer for charity. Nonprofit Law: Tax exemption and the changing views on charity. Christ and Charity: Find out about charity and kindness according to Christianity. History The word charity has its origin from charité, an old […]