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A Hidden Nautical Gem in Honolulu – The USS Bowfin Submarine Museum

The bombing of Pearl Harbor remains one of the most traumatic events in recent United States history and there are a number of museums that commemorate it. However, few museums are like the The USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park, a museum dedicated to the submarine known as the “Pearl Harbor Avenger.” On December 7, 1942, exactly one year after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, the Bowfin was launched into war. It was named after the bowfin, a predatory fish known for its voraciousness and it lived up to its name. It would go on to sink 44 enemy ships during nine separate and highly successful war patrols. The Bowfin was awarded a Presidential Unit Citation and a Navy Unit Commendation. It was also one of the only 15 ships saved from becoming scrap metal for the army when it was acquired by the Pacific Fleet Memorial Association in 1979. Subsequently, […]

Charities and Donating

A charity or a non-profit organization embodies religious, educated, and philanthropic assistance to the government and communities in order to promote health, relief, and solutions to poverty for those distressed during dire economic times. Charitable organizations operate to promote vital solutions to a cause, usually to correct problems within a community, region, and nation. Nonprofit organizations are protected under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, which exempts charities from paying federal income tax. Charitable organizations help to rebuild, restore, and replenish communities, regions, and nations with the necessary knowledge and material goods to successfully sustain the people living within those confines. These organizations will make a difference in the lives of those impoverished, oppressed, suffering from illnesses, or recuperating after disaster strikes.Donors with a heavy heart should beware committing to a pledge. Charitable organizations could attract financial sharks looking to elude paying federal income tax. Researching the reputable nature […]

State by State RV and Towing Laws

If you’re traveling between states, make sure you learn the towing laws of both states as laws can be quite different from one state to another. However, most states have very fluid towing laws and the laws are not enforced too stringently. There are a few general rules pertaining to trailers that carry higher weights that require breakaway switches that automatically engage in case the trailer disengages from the car. Other than that, there aren’t many laws absolutely set in stone because most laws are aimed only at truckers who drive large big rigs.AA1Car: Has very good information on trailer brakes, which are very important for trailer safety.Trailer Towing Laws: Provides a list of things you should focus on when towing, like if your clearance lights work and if you have proper reflectors. They also explain how RV towing regulations work.The United States Department of Transportation: Provides excellent tips on […]

Motorcycle Sports

Motorcycle racing is a widely varied sport involving all sorts of different tracks. Motorcycles race on dirt as well as pavement, and sometimes despite the fact it’s illegal they race on public highways, back roads and even interstates. Motorcycle races vary in length. Some involve laps and hundreds of kilometers while others are measured in feet. The very short races are called drag races. Drag bikes are equipped and adjusted very differently than bikes designed for other races, because the purpose is to traverse a very short distance as quickly as possible. Thus extremely rapid acceleration is the name of the game, and top speed and racing strategy are much less important.Both pavement and dirt track races sometimes include obstacles like jump ramps cones and barrels. Barrel racing is considered a motorcycle rodeo game, but it’s really just a race where the object is to turn the bike closely around […]

Maritime History Resources

Maritime history is an interesting subject that many people ignore every day. These people are usually unaware of the fact that colleges around the world offer programs and coursework on this very topic, and that maritime programs often make boat donations and participate in community events as well. Students interested in the marine industry study everything from specific types of ships to nautical archaeology, which focuses on the artifacts left behind. The following resources provide a better understanding of the topic.Researching ShipsShip and Passenger Lists: gives steps on searching for specific vessels and passengers on those vessels.Researching Ships and Seafarers: discusses how someone would research a specific ship based on name.Ships & Passenger Lists: offers resources on researching ships.Maritime Information Exchange: U.S. Coast Guard database of ships.Libraries and DatabasesCalifornia Maritime Academic Library: complete library with searchable database dedicated to maritime history.Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society: historical society focused on providing […]