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A Guide to Nonprofits

Nonprofit groups and organizations are groups that complete their work without earning a profit. If they do earn a profit in a single year, that money goes into the fund for the following year. Nonprofit groups devote themselves to one area or topic such as breast cancer awareness or feeding the homeless. The following resources provide more information on different nonprofit organizations.

Make a Wish Foundation: organization devoted to helping sick and dying children live out their biggest dream.

American Red Cross: nonprofit organization that aids in disaster relief efforts and helps those with an emergency situation. Many Red Cross chapters will accept car donations and other property such as boats, yachts, motorhomes, and trucks to help with their disaster relief efforts.

United Way: one of the largest nonprofit groups in the world, helps in different areas, including educating children and helping sick kids.

American Cancer Society: provides help and support to cancer patients, as well as raising money to find a cancer cure.

Habitat for Humanity: nonprofit group that builds home for the needy and poor.

The Salvation Army: helps those needing support such as those with drug and alcohol addictions.

YMCA: devoted to helping people lead healthy lives, based on Christian beliefs and principles.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation: focuses on providing grants to help fund education around the world.

Ford Foundation: provides help in the forms of grants to help individuals find work and train for new jobs.

NAACP: supports African American people achieving equality and supports those who can’t afford to seek help from other areas.

ACLU: supports those working to obtain equal rights, including women and gay workers.

Children Now: provides help to ensure all children have a solid education and access to health care.

Witness, Inc.: uses video as an educational tool in educating people on human rights violations.

Greenpeace: nonprofit organization that seeks to protect the environment.

Modest Needs: accepts one time gift donations to help those in need.

New York City Coalition Against Hunger: works to support the poor and homeless in New York City by providing them with food.

Ferrets Unlimited Rescue Services: finds homes for neglected or abandoned ferrets.

Rainforest Action Network: acts as a protector of the environment, in particular the rainforests.

Amnesty International: tries to help those wrongfully arrested and convicted.

Homeless Family Center: provides emergency and transitional shelter for homeless families and welcomes boat and yacht donations to help their families.

Save the Children: strives to offer educational and medical support to children all around the world.

Doctors Without Borders: sends doctors into impoverished areas to provide medical care.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: provides medical help for children without insurance and those who can’t afford it.

Room to Read: gives books and reading material to those who can’t afford such luxuries.

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There are thousands of other nonprofit groups located around the world. They focus on local, regional, national and international issues. These people put their heart and soul into their work, in the hopes of changing the life of one specific person or changing things for future generations.

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