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Motorcycle Sports

Motorcycle racing is a widely varied sport involving all sorts of different tracks. Motorcycles race on dirt as well as pavement, and sometimes despite the fact it’s illegal they race on public highways, back roads and even interstates. Motorcycle races vary in length. Some involve laps and hundreds of kilometers while others are measured in feet. The very short races are called drag races. Drag bikes are equipped and adjusted very differently than bikes designed for other races, because the purpose is to traverse a very short distance as quickly as possible. Thus extremely rapid acceleration is the name of the game, and top speed and racing strategy are much less important. Both pavement and dirt track races sometimes include obstacles like jump ramps cones and barrels. Barrel racing is considered a motorcycle rodeo game, but it’s really just a race where the object is to turn the bike closely […]

The Ultimate Guide to Boat Safety: What Every Seafarer Should Know

Boating is a very popular pastime which can be highly rewarding. However, there are also dangers associated with boating. In 2007, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) reported 688 deaths, 3,686 injuries, and 5,223 accidents due to recreational boating. Property damage was estimated to be more than $53 million. These are the reasons why it’s important to practice boating safety. Whether you are out at sea or at a lake, you have to develop the necessary skills to operate a boat properly. When you are in the boat, you have to know exactly what you are doing. In case of an emergency, you have to know how to react to the situation. In this article, we will look at boating laws, boating safety advice, the weather, and emergencies. This information is provided by Action Donation Services┬« who partners with the BoatUS Foundation. If you have a no longer needed boat […]

Kids & Teens Taking Action: Benefits of the 4-H Youth Program

4-H is a community of young people across America learning leadership skills, citizenship, and daily living skills. 4-H is found in counties across the United States where it provides research-based programs, informal learning, and experiential learning programs for children and teens. Children with adult mentors learn hands on, real world skills. Last year alone, more than 100,000 children and 6,000 adult volunteers were involved in 4-H activities. Young people from any ethnic or cultural background are eligible for this program. Children involved with 4-H are more likely to get good grades in school and move on to a college education. This information about the 4-H program is provided as a community service by one of the nation’s premier car, boat, yacht, truck and auto donation processing companies, Action Donation Service┬«. Action Donation works with many of the nation’s finest youth-serving charities and non-profits, such as Boy Scouts of America, Boys […]

A Boater’s Guide to New York State’s Waterway: The Erie Canal

The Erie Canal was officially proposed for the first time back in 1807. It was noted for being the very first system of transportation between New York City and the Great Lakes that did not necessitate any portage. Another advantage for travelers was that it was a faster means of transportation than carts pulled by animals. Its construction also helped save travelers money because it reduced the costs of transportation by 95 percent. A waterway that can be found in New York, the Erie Canal runs for 363 miles. It travels from Albany to Buffalo, along the Hudson River until it arrives at Lake Erie. The Erie Canal basically completes a water route that is navigable, from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Great Lakes. A total of 36 locks span the length of the canal, and its total elevation differential is approximately 570 feet. The reasons behind […]

Car Safety Resource Guide

Action Donation Services┬« is a car, boat, RV, motorhome, truck, and heavy equipment company that works with some of America’s finest charities to help them with their programs. Action has long been interested in car and boat safety, especially when it comes to providing a safe ride for children. When they are not processing donors’ auto and boat donations for non-profits, they are active in the community promoting youth safety. Recently a lot of attention has been drawn to the use of booster seats for young passengers, with many states mandating booster seat use. A question that has been paid slightly less attention is when it’s appropriate to move children from booster seats to seat belts. For the average child between 8-12 years old it is time to transition from booster seat usage to using built in seat belts. Inappropriate use of either booster or seat belts can cause greater […]