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Avoid Donations to Phony Charities

Charity fraud is an act in which unscrupulous people pose as fictitious charities in order to solicit financial donations from unsuspecting victims. Individuals who believe they are donating to a noble cause are instead being duped into giving away their money. Charity fraud can occur at all times, but is often most prevalent in times after a natural disaster as well as during the holiday season. It is imperative that consumers take steps to protect themselves from phony charities and ensure that they only make financial contributions to legitimate organizations. This article is provided as a public service by Action Donation Services┬« to educate those wanting to donate to a reputable charity. Action Donation processes donations of cars, boats, yachts, trucks, and motorcycles for many of America’s best known and reputable charities and non-profits.Fraudulent organizations use a variety of methods in order to find victims for their scams. This crime […]

Ship, Yacht and Boat Safety: Storms on the High Seas

Our cars are often our lifelines to the outside world. They get us to work, shopping, shuttling our families around town and are our transportation to many far away destinations. However, if we don’t regularly inspect our vehicles and keep them well maintained, all that travel can be put in jeopardy. This is especially true for those just beginning to drive because they do not have the ability to recognize some common problems. Keeping a vehicle in tiptop shape is a dual effort that involves both the owner and those who service the vehicle. Financially it makes sense to personally do most of the maintenance, but don’t attempt it if there isn’t access to the correct tools or the knowledge in which to do it correctly. A qualified repair shop is usually best for more major issues that arise. Some cars have special requirements and may require the use of […]

The Loss of the USS Indianapolis

The story of the USS Indianapolis is one of the most intriguing in American history. During World War II, the navy ship and crew went on a mission to Tinian Island to deliver pieces of equipment for the atomic bomb. Little did the crew know that after their mission was accomplished they would face attacks by sharks, hunger, thirst, and threat of drowning. Out of the 1,196 people on board ship, only 316 crewmembers survived the terrible sinking of the USS Indianapolis into the Philippine Sea. The following article is provided as a public service by Action Donation Services┬« who processes donated boats, watercraft, and yachts for some of America’s finest charities. This article gives some background on the USS Indianapolis and its memorable story.History of the USS IndianapolisProfile of the USS IndianapolisThe USS Indianapolis was launched in 1931. It was the second ship to carry the name of the […]

Contributing to Charity: A Fundraising Resource Guide

A fundraiser is an event held in order to raise funding and awareness about a particular cause. There are many groups that have fundraisers including: non-profit organizations, schools, high school teams, community groups, and students. Fundraisers are an excellent way for these groups to gather more community support, spread the word about their mission, and earn funding for their purpose. In order to hold a fundraiser there are many things to consider. It is important to know where to begin, how to market, and which type of fundraiser will be the most successful for a particular group.Getting StartedConstructing a fundraiser requires a lot of careful planning and can be an overwhelming process if you don’t know exactly where to begin. It is important that before any planning occurs, the organization must first examine its specific needs. This is the first step that needs to be taken when planning any sort […]

Why Boats Float: All about Buoyancy

It has been told that the King of Syracuse sent a lump of gold to a goldsmith to have a crown made. When the crown came back it was beautiful, and it weighed just as much as the lump of gold that was sent, but the King didn’t trust that the goldsmith had used all the gold for the crown, and thought that he had replaced some of the gold’s weight with silver instead. The King went to Archimedes, the smartest man in Syracuse, to ask him to determine whether or not he had been swindled by the goldsmith. Archimedes couldn’t exactly melt down the crown to determine this, so he had to think of another way. Deciding that a bath would help him think, Archimedes realized that his body weight displaced the bathwater as he got into the pool. He had an idea and after he tested the King’s […]