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Charity Organizations

A charity is a not for profit organization that is comprised of volunteers who work together towards a positive goal. Often relying on donations from communities and individuals, charities help those who are less fortunate than others. Some of the best known charities are as follows:

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – This organization, also known as the LLS, has a mission of doing research on and promoting education about blood cancer. The ultimate goal for this organization is to find the cure for leukemia and lymphoma.

March of Dimes – The March of Dimes aims to improve the health of babies by doing research, in hopes of preventing birth defects and premature births.

Ronald McDonald House – The mission of the Ronald McDonald house is to provide improved health care and services to children, especially children in need. Many Ronald McDonald Houses accept car donations.

Salvation Army – Started by William Booth in 1865, the mission of the Salvation Army is to remain faithful to good standards and principles in both beliefs and actions. The slogan for the Salvation Army is “doing the most good.”

International Children’s Relief Foundation – seeks to provide aid and the necessities of life to handicapped children and those subject to abject poverty and suffering that disproportionately impacts the most powerless in our society. When you donate a car, boat or RV you will be helping those in need. ICRF also welcomes yacht and boat┬ádonations to further its mission.

American Cancer Society – The American Cancer Society is a national organization that provides cancer research, public advocacy, and community programs and services that intend to save the lives of cancer victims.

National Breast Cancer Foundation – The National Breast Cancer Foundation aims to spread knowledge and awareness about breast cancer, in hopes of preventing and eventually curing this deadly disease.

Food for the Poor – Providing economic and health aid to people all over Latin America and the Caribbean, this organization raises funds for those in need. Most often, Food for the Poor provides and distributes the food and materials that are essential to malnourished countries.

CARE – The CARE organization is a group that focuses heavily on improving the lives of underprivileged women and children. CARE works to implement basic education, information on proper health care and clean water for those in need.

American Diabetes Association – The American Diabetes Association is the leading organization in both the fight for a cure and information on the research and documentation of diabetes.

4-H Foundation – The 4H Foundation, which stands for hands, health, heart and heart, is an organization geared towards teaching leadership and life skills in America’s youth.

American Lung Association – The mission of the American Lung Association is to educate people on preventing lung cancer. The American Lung Association is the largest organization in fighting to save lives and improving lung health.

Fresh Air Fund – The Fresh Air Fund, which started in 1877, works to allow disadvantaged New York City children the opportunity to spend a summer vacation in Fresh Air Fund Camps and participating cities throughout the United States.

Big Brother Big Sister – The goal of this organization is to provide one on one relationships and child mentoring to not only children in need, but children who are looking for support and guidance through peers.

Make a Wish Foundation – The Make a Wish Foundation, founded in 1980, provides critically ill children the opportunity to be granted a “wish.” This world wide program holds fundraisers and special events to raise the funds to make an ill child’s wish come true.

National Wildlife Federation – Known as the NWF, the National Wildlife Federation promotes the advocacy and education of preserving wildlife for generations to come.

Easter Seals – Providing support and services to people living with disabilities such as autism, Easter Seals is the voice of education and awareness throughout communities. The wide range of services Easter Seals provides includes medical rehabilitation, senior care, and children’s services.

YWCA – With thousands of YMCA’s across the United States, this organization provides help and support to children and families, encouraging mental and physical health. The YWCA encourages people to get involved with their community and reach their full potential. The San Diego YWCA will accept used cars, motorhomes and RV donations.

These charities are but a mere portion of the charities both nationwide and internationally. It’s important for individuals to donate to charities to help keep these charities available to those in need. Charitable organizations cannot fight the good fight without help and support from the communities they are rooted in. For example, when you donate a car or other property to your favorite charity they can turn that donation into cash that will further their charitable mission.

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