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Donate Your Time: Resources for Volunteers

A volunteer serves others by supporting a cause without expecting anything return. Volunteering is generally a selfless act. It is a sincere concern for the welfare of others or the environment. Volunteers can be any age. They are dedicated individuals. They come from all economic, educational, and social backgrounds. Volunteers serve in areas where they have experience or where there is a need. Looking to volunteer or to learn more about volunteering? These resources offer dynamic volunteer experiences domestically and internationally.

  1. Volunteer Match: Volunteers can team up with an organization that’s just right for them.
  2. National Junior Firefighter: A national program that provides supports for junior firefighters. The program promotes awareness among young volunteers to support fire and emergency services.
  3. Volunteer Abroad: Search for international organizations that need volunteers.
  4. International Medical Volunteers: An extensive resource of health volunteer opportunities worldwide.
  5. Catholic Volunteer Network: A faith-based program that has domestic and international opportunities.
  6. United We Serve: A National Community Service government initiative program encouraging volunteering within the United States.
  7. Volunteering Overseaa: An international volunteer resource helping people take steps to volunteer overseas.
  8. Volunteer: Find volunteer opportunities, events, and organizations with this database.
  9. Peace Corps: Volunteer to enhance and encourage peace in developing countries.
  10. National Park Service: Get involved by volunteering at a national park. There are nearly 400 national parks to choose from.
  11. Natural and Cultural: Find the right volunteer opportunity. Serve with state and local governments, public lands, and natural resource organizations.
  12. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): Search for environmental volunteer opportunities in research, observation, and education throughout the United States.
  13. United States Fish and Wildlife: Find a volunteer opportunity near you helping band birds, raising fish, conducting surveys and restoring habitats at a national wildlife refuge or fish hatchery
  14. Monitoring & Assessment: Volunteer to monitor and access water quality in your local streams, lakes, and water lands.
  15. Cross Cultural Solutions: This organization provides volunteer experiences abroad for teens.
  16. Earth Team Volunteers: Congress passed legislation permitting the Natural Resources Conservation Service to create an Earth Team. The Earth Team volunteers work together to conserve and protect natural resources.
  17. Medical Research Studies: The National Institutes of Health Center has a volunteer research program. Volunteers can participate in protocols or trials for specific illnesses.
  18. Communities in Need: Find community projects that serve global communities in need.
  19. For Women: Serve women and girls in need by volunteering for the international organization Soroptimist. The program is a volunteer organization of business and professional working to improve the lives of women and girls.

In addition to volunteering, another way to support a cause is to donate no longer needed cars, boats, Yachts and RVs. These items can be sold by the charity or their facilitator and the proceeds can then be used by the charity or non-profit. Such deductions to a legitimate non-profit can result in a legal tax deduction for the donor.

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