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Guide to Giving to Charity or Non-Profits

Most non-profit organizations rely greatly on donations from the public. Without these donations the needs of numerous living things would not be met. Some people take advantage of the non-profit and charity organizations by setting up scams or fake companies. Donors will need to protect themselves to make sure their donation gets where it is intended to go.

Ask the operator for the name of the charity or non-profit organization if they did not give it. Never give cash when donating; people never know if it will end up in the operator’s pocket. Use checks, money orders and other forms where you can write out the name of the company plus this can be used as a tax right off. Make sure the charity is licensed and they have proof.

  • Charity Navigator: Charities that you can trust. These are researched and are reputable organizations.
  • Charity Watchdog: Helps donors make informed decisions on what charities to give too and how much. There are tips and facts included.
  • Better Business Bureau: Wise giving guide, and accredited charity directory.
  • Car, boat, RV, and Yacht Donations: reputable company that processes property donations for some of America’s best known and trusted charities.
  • Car donations and the IRS: IRS Guidelines on donating cars to qualify for the tax write off.
  • Charity Scams: Tips on what to look for to avoid charity scams.
  • FTC – Charity Fraud: Resources for consumers, businesses, and charity organizations.
  • Non-profit Organization Lookup: Find non-profit organization by zip code, name, or tax id number.

Besides money there are other items desperately needed. Boat donations are very sought after throughout the nation including Illinois, New Jersey, New York City, Maryland, Texas, Florida and California. The majority of charities will have facilitators with the expertise to sell these items to help their cause or they will put the donation to good use in their philanthropic program.