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Guide to International Fisheries Law

International fisheries laws differ from country to country. Some laws are stricter than others, while others lack the strength of protecting the waters to its potential. International fisheries can be plagued with corruption and port state issues. Many organizations come together to build better laws to protect those that live in the water and those who are surrounded by waters.


  • Bycatch and Discard Impact: Impact of fish mortality on a global scale.
  • United Nations Fish Stocks Agreement: International bycatch law for signatory states.
  • Australia National Policy: Australia’s fisheries bycatch policies.
  • The UN Convention on Migratory Species: Has an inter-governmental treaty for protecting migratory species against fisheries bycatch;
  • International Bycatch: A look into the problems that this type of practice may cause.


  • International Fishing: Licensing requirements to fish internationally.
  • European Community: Fishing catch certification requirements for Europe.
  • International Convention for the Safety of Fishing Vessels: Vessel and port control certificate information.

Supply Chain Management

  • Seafood Supply Chain Management: The World Conservation Union works on developing a system to avert illegal product in the marketplace.
  • The Fishing Industry: Explores implementing the Danish fishing supply chain structure to better identifying quality.
  • International Supply Chain Security: A strategic plan to improve international supply management.


  • Illegal, Unreported Unregulated Fishing: Investigates the causes and impact of illegal fishing.
  • Corruption and Fisheries: An in-depth look into fishery corruption on a global scale.
  • Pacific Island Corruption: The PROFISH Law Enforcement investigates lack of government stability in the corruption in Pacific Islands Fisheries.
  • Corruption in Africa: A look into the corruption of Africa’s fisheries and attempt to reform government participation.
  • Grand Theft Oceans: The Department for International Development works to take down illegal and unregulated fishing.


  • An Analysis of Pakistan: The Sustainable Development Policy Institute examines the compliance of enforcement in Pakistan’s fisheries.
  • International Fisheries Stewardship and Enforcement: Bill S2907 establishes enforcement criteria for driftnet fishing.
  • Laws: The Office of Law Enforcement enforces several acts that pertain to international waters.
  • International MCS Network: The International Monitoring, Control and Surveillance Network are contrived of many organizations to monitor fishery activities for their governments.

Flag State Issues

International Trade

Port State Issues

  • Improving Port State Control: A European leaflet on improving port state control on global and European issues.
  • Port State Control: A follow up on the attempt to improve maritime security.
  • South East Asia Port Sate Control: An investigation of IUU fishing activities in South Asia’s Port State.
  • Security: A look into the security measures of vessels in international trade.
  • The Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition The Antarctica Project: A look into international law for port states to inspect vessels visiting Antarctica.
  • How to donate a boat, sailing vessel or yacht to receive the maximum legal tax deduction in the U.S.

Tracking Technology

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