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Maritime Resources

Amateurs can experience building a boat the same way professionals do. Avid boat lovers can build anything from a small model boat all the way up to a beautiful house boat. There are many resources available to help you set sail, whether you’d constructing your own boat or plan on joining a friend on the high seas.

Boat Building

  • Amateur boat builder: Kits that allow boat enthusiasts to build their own boat and save money.
  • Boat Building Methods: Tips and tricks on building boats with various materials, from plywood to fiberglass.
  • Boatbuilding Books: A great list of books on how to build boats and the best ways to construct them.

Boat Design and Plans

  • Designs available for power and sailing. Build anything from an aluminum boat to a house boat.
  • Boat and Yacht plans: Won an award at the wooden box show. Numerous information for boat and yacht plans.

Glossaries & Dictionaries

  • Schooner Vocabulary: Dictionary of (boating terms) which includes: Naval, ships, seafaring, schooner, and sailing.

Seamanship & Safety

Weather & Tides

Lighthouses & Lightships

  • The Huron Lightship: A lightship that floats. Originally launched in 1920 this lightship has a bright light at the top of her mast.
  • Lighthouse Society: Surviving Historic Lightships in America. There are only seventeen left, which are housed in private hands or Museums.

Magazines & Periodicals

Privateers, Vikings, and Pirates

  • Piracy: Included is the History of Maritime piracy dating back hundreds of years.
  • The Vikings: A great PBS site dedicated to the history and legend behind the Vikings.

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