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More Maritime Resources

“Maritime” is a broad term that refers to various things that are related to the sea, including seafaring, ocean harvesting, shipbuilding, shipping, sailing, and other activities that take place at the sea. According to evidence found in Australia, the earliest known maritime voyages may have taken place about 45,000 years ago, but human beings have been harvesting from the sea since time immemorial. Throughout the years, maritime technology has improved by leaps and bounds, and this has enabled humans to make the most of the oceans, for commercial, cultural, recreational, as well as military purposes.

The ocean makes up about 70% of the surface of the Earth, and it offers endless opportunities for maritime activities, ranging from ocean harvesting to deep-sea exploration. As maritime technology advances, new achievements, and discoveries are being made in different oceans and seas around the world. However, the increase of human activities at the oceans has resulted in pollution, and consequently, a considerable drop in the population of marine creatures and plants. In response to this, many marine environment protection laws have been established to control certain maritime practices that are considered detrimental to marine wildlife. This is done in the hope that human beings will learn to live in harmony with the ocean.

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