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Motorcycle Sports

Motorcycle racing is a widely varied sport involving all sorts of different tracks. Motorcycles race on dirt as well as pavement, and sometimes despite the fact it’s illegal they race on public highways, back roads and even interstates. Motorcycle races vary in length. Some involve laps and hundreds of kilometers while others are measured in feet. The very short races are called drag races. Drag bikes are equipped and adjusted very differently than bikes designed for other races, because the purpose is to traverse a very short distance as quickly as possible. Thus extremely rapid acceleration is the name of the game, and top speed and racing strategy are much less important.

Both pavement and dirt track races sometimes include obstacles like jump ramps cones and barrels. Barrel racing is considered a motorcycle rodeo game, but it’s really just a race where the object is to turn the bike closely around barrels just like cowboys do barrel racing with horses. Just as with horses, the barrel race is intended to perfect and display tight turning skills. Barrel races intended to be performed on dirt, but occasionally they are performed on pavement.

Of course, there is the simple idea of racing in a straight line, with the object being to cross the finish line first. For a biker that’s a pretty easy concept, but what about a race where the object is to finish last? One game bikers like to play is the slow race. It takes tremendous skill to drive a bike at less than two miles an hour, without turning over or putting at least one foot down to brace or balance. Slow races can be surprisingly exciting, and are a great test of skill for the drivers.

There is an endless variety of games, races, and rodeo tricks that can be performed from the back of a motorcycle. Rodeo games, rally games, track races, motor cross, and even motorcycle polo are just a few of the interesting sports that have been developed for motorcycles. Trick riding is very popular, and people can stand up on the back of bikes, and do all sorts of gymnastics while driving. A variety of games originally designed for horseback riding have also been adapted for motorcycles. The list of motorcycle sports and games is only limited by the imagination, and bikers are some pretty imaginative people. The following information is provided by Action Donation Services® who has for years been the “friend of bikers” by processing donated “no longer needed” motorcycles, ATVs, and also cars, boats, RVs, and trucks for some of America’s finest charities, providing them with the funds they need to operate their community benefiting programs.

Track Racing

The nature of track racing to a large extent depends on the surface of the track. Flat track or dirt track racing are a great deal different than racing on a paved surface. Different tires are required for these two different surfaces, dirt or paved. Other adjustments must also be made to the bike depending on the track involved. Another more obscure option for bike racing surfaces is ice. Ice racing is an extreme sport which is growing in popularity.

Motorcycle Rally

Motorcycle rallies are like a combination of county fair, outdoor music festival, and family reunion, except with motorcycles. There are plenty of games, events, entertainment, and food. There are vendors offering Harley Davidson merchandise. Rallies often include biker rodeo games which are fun and exciting for everyone. Barrel racing, slow races, and even silly games like catching a hotdog between your teeth while riding on the back of a Harley Davidson are all just part of good fun at bike rallies.

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  • Motorcycle Rallies at Biker Sites: A list of annual Biker events from Alaska to Florida, with information about biker sites and biker culture as well.
  • East Coast Sturgis Motorcycle Rally: This is an example of a successful rally in one area seeding and inspiring another rally in another area. Only 8 years and this rally is growing into a huge event. See the fun events, and exciting testimonials.
  • Motorcycle Rally USA: Now you can get official merchandise online from all the great events.

Motorcycle Land Speed

Since 1898, people have been trying to set and break the land speed record. Land speed is simply achieving the highest speed on record in a wheeled vehicle on land. However, there are categories and the category for motorcycle based vehicles has their eye on 400 mph as a goal. However, in other categories the overall record has gone to Andy Green in his turbofan vehicle. Andy set the first supersonic record in 1997 by achieving a speed of 760 mph.

Enduro Racing

Enduro racing, as the name suggests is endurance racing for motorcycles. Course size ranges from 2 to 150 miles, and includes a lot of cross country terrain. Bikes used are road legal dirt bikes, which are close to being stock vehicles.

Motocross Racing

Motocross is among the oldest of motorcycle sports. This century old sport is even more exciting today. Based on racing over rough terrain in tough but finely tuned dirt bikes, Motocross can be an extreme sport. Motocross racing has participants in all skill levels and a huge variety of races throughout the world.

Motorcycle Trials

Motorcycle trials are a form of trick riding, on a lightweight bike without a seat. Trials often feature bikes navigating boulders and other seemingly impossible terrain. Motorcycle trials are spectator events, which do not involve racing or time constraints at all, but rather are scored by a point system. Each time a rider has to put a foot on the ground, he is scored a point, and the rider with the least points wins.

Motorcycle Polo

Motorcycle polo is a sport in which riders play polo from the backs of motorcycle rather than horses. Motorcycle polo was popular in the 1920’s, but went out of fashion in the 1940’s. Motoball is a related sport very similar to motorcycle polo, in which riders play a soccer based game, from the backs of motorcycles. In practice, motorcycle polo and motoball are similar if not identical.

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