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The Ultimate Classifieds Resource Page

Here is a list of websites that contain classified ads for autos, employment, personals, and real estate. There is a great variety of items and opportunities that are available in these classifieds, ranging from sale of cars and vehicle donation to job openings and dating opportunities.



  • Job Hunt: Extensive listings of job opportunities
  • Inet Giant: Free classified ads for employment
  • Career Builder: Listings of many types of jobs
  • Craigslist: Classified ads for jobs and others
  • Adoos: Listings of employment and other types of ads                  
  • FutureLearn, we partner with world-class universities, institutions and industry leaders to create world-class courses to help you with your career


Real Estate

  • Home Finder: Classified ads for real estate in the US
  • 2 Let Service: Listings of homes for rent
  • Arkadia: Listings of property for sale and for rent in the US

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