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The Ultimate Guide to Car Cosmetics

Keeping a car looking as good as new or even better requires a lot of hard work, a passion for automobiles and a desire to give your much-loved set of wheels the best there is. Car cleaning, paint jobs, interiors and upholstery as well as accessorizing are all part of ensuring that the car looks great always. Here are resources to help ensure that your car gets the very best there is in order to look clean and stylish, both on the inside and outside. This article is provided to the public as a service by Action Donation Services. Action handles car, boat, and RV donations for some of America’s finest charities. Everything that can reasonably be done to maximize the value of the donation so it will bring more income to the charity is done. Whether you are donating your property or simply want to keep your car in top condition, the information below will help serve as a guide to improve the value and appearance of your vehicle.

Keeping It Clean

A clean car always looks good. Moreover, washing the car regularly is a great way to maintain its looks and overall appearance. There are several ways to clean a car. Owners can choose from washing the car themselves or taking it to a commercial car wash. Washing the car by hand is an easy and inexpensive way to keep the vehicle clean while getting some good exercise as well. All one needs is a hose, a good quality car wash product, sponges, brushes, car wax, and soft towels. Washing the car by hand should be a regular affair and not reserved for when the car gets absolutely messy. Once the car is washed, one shouldn’t let it air dry since that would leave watermarks. Instead, use several soft terry towels to gently blot the water and dry the car.

Vacuuming is a great way to keep the car clean and remove loose dust and dry bits of dirt lodged in the seats and interiors. There are several car vacuums available in the market and one can choose a model best suited to individual needs and requirements. Begin by removing the floor mats and use the right attachments to vacuum the seats and floors. Reach under the pedals, central console, and area between the front seats. The dashboard, vents, stereo panel, and seats can be vacuumed with a soft brush, using great care not to scratch the surface or damage any parts.

While vacuuming is a great way to remove the dust and loose dirt from seats and upholstery, it isn’t effective in removing stains and marks. For that, one needs to use an upholstery cleaner or regular laundry detergent and use it to gently wipe away any ugly stains. Carpets can also be cleaned using a commercially available carpet cleaner or laundry detergent. However, be careful with the water and use only moist cloths to wipe and clean. Water left inside the car cause mold to grow and damage upholstery and other parts.

Interior Style

The interiors of a car are what define its style and that of its owner. Seats, upholstery, and other accessories inside the car are an important part of the automobile and one can customize them to suit one’s personal tastes and preferences. Leather seats, seat heaters, customized shifter knobs, attractive seat covers, or cushions are just a few examples of how one can customize the interiors of a car. Custom upholstery for the car is essentially a personalized, one-of-a-kind combination of fabrics and designs for car seats and upholstery. This type of upholstery may have features such as extra durability, fire retardant material, color combinations that match the exterior and even, the usage of the car.

Dashboard covers too can be customized in a range of colors. The fabric used for dashboard covers is either velour, nylon or polyester carpet-like material that is not slippery, can withstand the sunlight, and is easy to maintain. Owners can also consider make their own dashboard covers by taking the exact measurements, buying the material, and stitching it at home. However, buying customized dashboard covers is definitely an easier option. Moreover, most owners like to coordinate the dashboard cover with the rear deck cover since that adds additional style and flair to the interiors. If a dashboard cover is not what one wants, one can easily choose a dash trim kit and add a wooden, chrome or carbon fiber trim to the dashboard in a variety of colors and designs. A dash trim encases the dash and adds a splash of color and style to a boring grey or black dashboard. Owners can buy the kits online and then, follow the instructions to install them.

The carpeting or floor mats of a car can also be customized and designed to suit one’s preference and requirements. Custom car mats not only look great but are also ideal for catching dirt, grime and any spills. Made from strong, durable materials, such as rubber or vinyl, most custom car mats are practical and stylish. For those who want to go the traditional way, custom carpet mats, whether patterned, embroidered, or plain, are ideal and are available in many colors and styles. The gear shifter is another important part of the interiors. For those car owners who want to add flair and style to the interiors, there are some really unusual gear shifter knobs available for as low as $10. Shaped like skulls, smiley faces, a beer barrel, one can find a range of choices and styles to choose from.

While interior styling and accessorizing can be very exciting for car owners, it is important to remember a few things. First, will you be keeping the car for a long period? If so, will you really like bright red seats with a black velour dashboard cover five years from now? Second, if you have kids, are the upholstery materials safe and non-toxic? Third, while animal prints or polka dots may seem hot right now, do they really suit your personality and who you are? The interiors of a car define the vehicle as well as the owner, so choose carefully, and think hard before making any lasting changes.

Choosing and Maintaining Your Exterior

The exterior of the car can be a playground for the owner and can be customized to just about any extent. The color of the car is the first thing that one sees and therefore, it is important to choose one that is easy on the eye and in keeping with one’s personality. According to DuPont’s Color Popularity Report, silver is the most popular color simply because it is easily visible and looks clean and stylish. However, a lot of owners like to add their own special touches to the car’s exterior and create a style statement. So, car body kits, special mirrors, graphics, lambo (Lamborghini) doors, and lights can be used to create visual appeal and personalized style.

In addition, the exterior of the car must be clean, free of dents and scratches and rust. Get regular paint touchups done to cover up any scratches and ensure that dents and broken parts are fixed as soon as possible. Washing the car’s underside and body regularly as well as using wax on the car body will help to prevent rust.


Accessories really liven up a car’s exterior and interior. There is a lot to choose from – window visors, GPS systems, hubcaps, spoilers, alloys and exhaust mufflers; the list is endless. Depending upon one’s need as well as personality, the car can be fitted with accessories that look cool and may even, improve performance and driving experience.

Spoilers, for instance, are a hot favorite with young car owners and can help the car to retain stability at high speeds. Alloy wheels not only look good but also serve to make the wheels lighter and may improve performance as well. Grilles are another great accessory which can add fashionable flair to the looks of a car.

As with everything related to the car, an owner must choose with great care and keeping in mind the long-term use of the car. While a splashy rear spoiler may look cool right now, it may not be what you like a few years down the line. So, give the accessories good thought and also, get them installed by a professional to get the best finish and fit.

Car cosmetics are an easy and effective way of personalizing and stylizing a car. Clean interiors and exteriors, and a dent and scratch-free body with an interior that is a reflection of the owner’s personality make owning a car a real joy.