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Water Information for Children

Humans, plants, animals, even bugs would not be able to survive without water. However, it’s important to always make sure that the water that you are drinking is safe water. A lot of the water that can be found around is not safe to drink. It may be polluted with bad chemicals that can make you sick if you drink it. Some water on the ground isn’t safe to drink so you have to be careful. You also have to be careful around water, especially if you can’t swim.

  • Water Games: A lot of different fun games. Some are just fun games but some games also teach kids about water safety or what water is made of.
  • Scouting Games: Some links to games that can be played outside, like water balloon games and other activities with similar themes.
  • Word Scrabble: Multiple scrabble games related to drinking water and groundwater.
  • Water Alert: Game that teaches kids about droughts and how they affect impoverished nations.
  • Water Works: A physics game that lets kids use water to accomplish certain tasks with multiple levels.
  • Water Festival Game: A game that explains how the water cycle works as kids play it.

Water is a very complex thing. There is a water cycle which explains why it rains and how water ends up in lakes, and up in the mountains. Water can be found all over the entire world, in every country and every continent. It can be saltwater or freshwater. All forms of marine life need water to live. Water can even be frozen solid into icebergs that float on the sea. Water is beautiful but it can also be dangerous so you have to be careful around it. Don’t go near it if you can’t swim and always make sure there is an adult with you even if you think you are an experienced swimmer. Before you try drinking some water, make sure it is safe so you won’t get sick.

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