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Worst Cars throughout History

Since the invention of the automobile in the 1700’s, there have been many different models built. Today, with all of the technology available to car manufacturers, automobiles are much safer than they once were. Most people remember their old cars, and whether you still own that car, have sold it, or donated it; you may be surprised to learn that it might be considered one of the worst cars in history.

  1. Yugo – The first Yugo was made in 1978, and sold in the United States from 1985 to 1991. This car is known for having very poor transmission performance, and it also needed constant replacement of the timing belt, failure to do this would result in the engine being destroyed. The car was also very lightweight which made it dangerous, and the Yugo is very well known for being the car that blew off a bridge in Michigan in 1989, and resulted in the driver’s death.
  1. Chevy Vega – The Vega was a subcompact passenger car that was introduced in 1970 and manufactured from 1971 through 1977. During testing of the prototype, after only eight miles the Vega broke in two. The car also burned enormous amounts of oil, and was known to quickly start rusting.
  1. Ford Pinto – A compact car introduced in 1970 and manufactured through 1980. The Pinto was considered a “deathtrap” because in early production it was realized that the fuel tank could be easily damaged in the event of a rear end collision, which could lead to fire and explosion. This became a scandal as it was alleged that Ford knew of this problem but refused to pay the redesign fee for the car. The Pinto was at the center of many product liability lawsuits.
  1. AMC Gremlin – A small car built by American Motors Corporation, the Gremlin was introduced in 1970, and manufactured for a total of eight years. The Gremlin was a very cheap, poorly made car that even had vacuum operated windshield wipers.
  1. Chevy Chevette – A small hatchback car whose production started in 1976. The Chevette was very cheap and bare bones, with a 4 speed manual transmission. The Chevette seemed to run okay but that is about all it had going for it.
  1. Renault LeCar – The LeCar was sold in the US from 1976 to 1986. The car was made of very flimsy metal, and many referred to the LeCar as the car made of tin foil.
  1. Dodge Aspen – A compact car, production started in 1976 and only lasted four years. The early models of the Aspen had serious rust issues, and problems with stalling. The Aspen was also recalled several times.
  1. Cadillac Cimarron – The Cimarron was a compact car that was introduced in 1981 and production continued through 1988. The car was basically a well-equipped version of a Chevrolet Cadillac and was widely criticized for its price.
  1. Volkswagen Type 2 (VW Bus) – The VW Bus was introduced in 1950. The bus, in the 1960’s, became a huge counterculture symbol. While still a counterculture symbol, the bus is not very safe, the first line of defense for a head-on collision seems to be the driver’s legs, due to the fact that the driver is positioned right above the front wheels of the vehicle.

There are a large numbers of cars throughout history that weren’t necessarily safe or aesthetically pleasing. With new advances in technology every day, vehicles are becoming safer every day. Although the above cars are considered some of the worst in history, some of them are also considered classics. If you own an old car, whether you choose to fix it up or get rid of it, every vehicle has its place in history, and instead of junking a car, it’s a great idea to make a car donation to a charity, and even if the vehicle doesn’t run, it can still be of some benefit. When you donate a car both the donor and the charity win – some charities even may offer you a partial cash payment for your used auto or no longer needed vessel.

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