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Boating Safety

Boating on the local rivers and oceans can be a great pastime, hobby, or sport. Many people take whole vacations out on their boats, or set sail frequently to swim, fish, sunbathe, and have a good time. It is important to remember that there are boating laws and safety issues that still must be followed, even out on the water and not on land.Boating LawsBoaters must remember that there are laws that must still be followed even though they are out on a boat. Laws do vary from state to state, so it is important to do your research on the state you plan to do your boating in. For more information on boating laws, visit the following:Boating Laws Laws and safetySafety Tips and TricksWhen driving a boat or being a passenger on one, it is essential to follow some safety tricks and tips to ensure the safety of everyone […]

Internet Resources for Non-Profits

Running a nonprofit organization requires a lot of resources and patience. The good news is that there are lots of organizations willing to help nonprofits get on their feet and prosper.General SourcesIdealist: Resources to help you find everything from non-profit volunteers to campaigns and even non-profit speakers.NPRC: Provides guidelines about regulations that need to be followed when running or starting a non-profit organization. It also provides access and help with the forms.GuideStar: Encourages non-profit organizations to post their profiles so they can attract more attention and raise their profiles.CompassPoint Nonprofit Services: A list of useful FAQs from consulting to fundraising to funds management.Non-profit Support Center: Provides consulting and training to help non-profits.Non-profit Resource Guide: Detailed list of companies that serve non-profit organizations.FundServices: Director of non-profit fundraising programs, divided into categories depending on what a non-profit supports.Funding OpportunitiesUS Grants: A list of the types of government grants available to non-profits.Council of […]

Fuel Cells

A fuel cell is an electrochemical device that converts fuel on the anode side and an oxidant on the cathode side; it does this without the need to burn the fuel making them far more efficient. The fuel cell outputs the electricity through the use of an electrolyte solution and can remain functional as long as the flow of fuel and oxidants are constant. The fuel cell was initially invented and demonstrated as early as 1839 by Sir William Grove as an alternative to conventional energy sources. A feasible working fuel cell wasn’t established until the 1960s by NASA in the space program.Fuel Cell HistoryThe first fuel cells were used in NASA space missions as they contained a lower weight to power ratio and lowered the weight of a space craft. The fuel cells provided the power necessary for operating the space craft using small amounts of fuel, hydrogen, instead […]

Get Your Facts on High Octane Gasoline

Many car owners are unsure whether high-octane gasoline will help improve the performance of their cars. To find out what kind of effects high-octane gasoline has on your car, you should first learn about the gasoline engines of cars.Most cars come equipped with 4-stroke gasoline engines. Of the 4 strokes, one is the compression stroke that compresses a cylinder full of air into a very small volume to ignite the engine. The compression ratio of a typical car engine is 8 to 1. Octane is the main component of fuel, and an octane rating of gasoline will tell you how much the fuel has to be compressed to ignite spontaneously. This is something that car owners have to be aware of, because low octane rating can cause knocking in the engine. High-octane gasoline gives the best timing for ignition, and it can prevent knocking, which is why it is considered […]

Green Your Ride

These days, more and more people are starting to turn to green vehicles to save money and help the environment. They are taking action, turning their old gas guzzlers into a car or boat donation to charity and buying better ones. Hybrid cars are becoming more popular.When it comes to hybrid cars, there are plenty of pros and cons to consider. You’ll spend less money on gas if you drive a hybrid car, which in this economy can be reason enough to donate your car and go pick up a new one! For instance, a Prius spends about $0.07 per mile while a Camry averages $0.19 per mile. Hybrids use up less natural resources and reduce your carbon footprint. They’re even quieter than any other vehicle. However, you can also expect some cons as well. Firstly, most hybrid cars are a bit more expensive than other cars. More breakdowns can […]