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Defensive Driving

Defensive driving goes beyond the basics of motor vehicle operation on public thoroughfares. By educating drivers on how to be proactive in their use of mirrors, headlights, and seatbelts, as well as teaching them concentration skills necessary to focus on the constant changing view around them, a defensive posture is learned and applied behind the wheel. Most adults do not take continuing driver’s education courses unless they are required by the courts, as in the case of traffic school to avoid points from their driving record. Young drivers do not have the experience to apply what they have recently learned in driver’s education classes, but experienced drivers are often overconfident and fail to employ all the tactics they know in order to navigate safely out of a potential traffic problem. Too much multi-tasking in today’s society offers more distractions than ever before with cell phone calls, text messages, and a […]

Complete Guide to Knots

Knots are an essential part of boating and sailing, and every good boater has an arsenal of knot that they can pull from memory at a moment’s notice. There are secure knots, knots for movement, and knots used to tie ropes together, and it’s essential for a sailor to know which knot does what. If you ever sell or donate a boat, make sure the future owner is aware of the knots that are most commonly used with the boat. Bowline The bowline knot is a very versatile knot that is perfect for sailing. It’s fast, simple, and is commonly used to attach jib sheets to the jib’s clew. Spanish Bowline While not the most common knot, the Spanish Bowline is useful for towing and can also be used as a makeshift bosons chair for rescues, as the two loops can be placed around the legs. Figure 8 Loop Figure […]

Teen Driving Tips

One of the highlights of the teen years is the ability to get a driver’s license. Of course, all states have required tests that must be passed, both written and driving ones. However, there are many rules that should be adhered to, as different situations pop up when drivers are on the road. Since teenagers are driving for the first time, it is important to know all the rules of the road.Driving in Bad WeatherIt’s easy to drive on a bright, sunny day. But once winter hits, snow and ice can make for hazardous conditions. Follow teen driving tips to ensure a safe drive in inclement weather conditions. Winter driving can be the worst, especially for inexperienced teenage drivers. To drive safe:Always make sure the hazard lights, or daytime running lights, are on.Brake softly and gently, and keep a minimum of three car lengths between you and the car in […]

Worst Cars throughout History

Since the invention of the automobile in the 1700’s, there have been many different models built. Today, with all of the technology available to car manufacturers, automobiles are much safer than they once were. Most people remember their old cars, and whether you still own that car, have sold it, or donated it; you may be surprised to learn that it might be considered one of the worst cars in history.Yugo – The first Yugo was made in 1978, and sold in the United States from 1985 to 1991. This car is known for having very poor transmission performance, and it also needed constant replacement of the timing belt, failure to do this would result in the engine being destroyed. The car was also very lightweight which made it dangerous, and the Yugo is very well known for being the car that blew off a bridge in Michigan in 1989, […]

Maritime Resources

Amateurs can experience building a boat the same way professionals do. Avid boat lovers can build anything from a small model boat all the way up to a beautiful house boat. There are many resources available to help you set sail, whether you’d constructing your own boat or plan on joining a friend on the high seas.Boat BuildingAmateur boat builder: Kits that allow boat enthusiasts to build their own boat and save money.Boat Building Methods: Tips and tricks on building boats with various materials, from plywood to fiberglass.Boatbuilding Books: A great list of books on how to build boats and the best ways to construct them.Boat Design and Designs available for power and sailing. Build anything from an aluminum boat to a house boat.Boat and Yacht plans: Won an award at the wooden box show. Numerous information for boat and yacht plans.Glossaries & DictionariesSchooner Vocabulary: Dictionary of (boating terms) […]