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Drive Safe: A Guide to Driving Your Car Safely

Our cars are often our lifelines to the outside world. They get us to work, shopping, shuttling our families around town and are our transportation to many far away destinations. However, if we don’t regularly inspect our vehicles and keep them well maintained, all that travel can be put in jeopardy. This is especially true for those just beginning to drive because they do not have the ability to recognize some common problems. Keeping a vehicle in tiptop shape is a dual effort that involves both the owner and those who service the vehicle. Financially it makes sense to personally do most of the maintenance, but don’t attempt it if there isn’t access to the correct tools or the knowledge in which to do it correctly. A qualified repair shop is usually best for more major issues that arise. Some cars have special requirements and may require the use of […]

Charities and Donating

A charity or a non-profit organization embodies religious, educated, and philanthropic assistance to the government and communities in order to promote health, relief, and solutions to poverty for those distressed during dire economic times. Charitable organizations operate to promote vital solutions to a cause, usually to correct problems within a community, region, and nation. Nonprofit organizations are protected under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, which exempts charities from paying federal income tax. Charitable organizations help to rebuild, restore, and replenish communities, regions, and nations with the necessary knowledge and material goods to successfully sustain the people living within those confines. These organizations will make a difference in the lives of those impoverished, oppressed, suffering from illnesses, or recuperating after disaster strikes.Donors with a heavy heart should beware committing to a pledge. Charitable organizations could attract financial sharks looking to elude paying federal income tax. Researching the reputable nature […]

Car, Boat, or RV…A Crash Is a Crash!

There are many car, boat, and RV crashes throughout the United States each and every year. Some of these crashes could have been prevented. Following the proper precautions for the type of vehicle that you’re in is essential to keeping safe and staying out of crashes. Knowing what to do during crashes is also essential to keeping safe while waiting for emergency vehicles and other help to arrive. You want to make sure you survive crashes, but you should also ensure that you take all of the necessary precautions to keep yourself out of harm when it comes to getting into an accident in the first place. You cannot control the actions of others while in the water or on the road, but you can control how you react while on the road. The following information is provided by Action Donation Services®, a company dedicated to car, boat, and RV safety—Action […]

Motorcycle Sports

Motorcycle racing is a widely varied sport involving all sorts of different tracks. Motorcycles race on dirt as well as pavement, and sometimes despite the fact it’s illegal they race on public highways, back roads and even interstates. Motorcycle races vary in length. Some involve laps and hundreds of kilometers while others are measured in feet. The very short races are called drag races. Drag bikes are equipped and adjusted very differently than bikes designed for other races, because the purpose is to traverse a very short distance as quickly as possible. Thus extremely rapid acceleration is the name of the game, and top speed and racing strategy are much less important.Both pavement and dirt track races sometimes include obstacles like jump ramps cones and barrels. Barrel racing is considered a motorcycle rodeo game, but it’s really just a race where the object is to turn the bike closely around […]

How to Sail on Your Very First Try: A Beginner’s Guide to Sailing

Sailing can be thought of as the skill behind controlling a boat with a big sails made from fabric. The sailor controls the wind’s force by manipulating the boat’s keel, rudder, and rigging. As a result, the sailor is then capable of changing the direction and the speed of a boat. To succeed at sailing, one has to have experience in different sea and wind conditions as well as knowledge concerning sailboats and familiarity with the surroundings. While sailing can seem daunting, even a beginner can sail on his or her very first try with the right coaching. This article incorporating resources and tips for the sailing beginner is provided as a service to the boating community by Action Donation Services® who has for more than ten years promoted organizations that educate the boating community about safety and provide other helpful services to the sailing community. Action also processes boat, […]