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A Life of Giving: The Complete Charity Resource

Charity can be defined as the unconditional giving to people or causes requiring support. The person or organization involved in charity is not related to the disadvantaged party who is being given a donation.Modern Charity: Some information on reforms in charities for modern times.Charity Explained: Provides information on charity and its wide reaching implications.Defining Charity: Discusses Christian charity and practical action.Charity or Love: Another definition according to the scriptures.Volunteer Charity: A site for people who want to volunteer for charity.Nonprofit Law: Tax exemption and the changing views on charity.HistoryThe word charity has its origin from charité, an old French word, which was derived from a Latin word caritas. It originally means high price or high value. Although acts of kindness towards the poor and needy have been recorded in ancient manuscripts, there are numerous stories of charitable acts mentioned in the Bible as well. Acts of charity and benevolence were […]

Donate Your Time: Resources for Volunteers

A volunteer serves others by supporting a cause without expecting anything return. Volunteering is generally a selfless act. It is a sincere concern for the welfare of others or the environment. Volunteers can be any age. They are dedicated individuals. They come from all economic, educational, and social backgrounds. Volunteers serve in areas where they have experience or where there is a need. Looking to volunteer or to learn more about volunteering? These resources offer dynamic volunteer experiences domestically and internationally.Volunteer Match: Volunteers can team up with an organization that’s just right for them.National Junior Firefighter: A national program that provides supports for junior firefighters. The program promotes awareness among young volunteers to support fire and emergency services.Volunteer Abroad: Search for international organizations that need volunteers.International Medical Volunteers: An extensive resource of health volunteer opportunities worldwide.Catholic Volunteer Network: A faith-based program that has domestic and international opportunities.United We Serve: A […]

The Helmet Controversy and Bikers Rights

For more than 30 years, the debate over whether or not helmets should be mandatory for all has raged in the biker community and throughout various legislatures. Supporters of helmet laws believe mandatory use of helmets can reduce brain injuries and fatalities among bikers. Critics of helmet laws, however, believe wearing helmets cannot prevent death and can actually cause spine and neck injuries in minor crashes. Beyond the medical effects, the helmet debate has hinged on whether or not it is constitutional and in line with personal liberties for any arm of government to force individuals to wear protective gear. This article is presented as a service to the biking community by Action Donation Services who handles the tax deductible donations of motorcycles and other property such as cars, boats, motorhomes, and trucks for some of America’s finest charities:Research on Effectiveness & Ineffectiveness of HelmetsHelmet Laws across the U.S.A Legal […]

Guide to the Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is regarded as one of the highest awards in several fields, recognizing excellence in the sciences, literature, and even efforts to promote peace. Due to the prestige of the award, Nobel Prize winners are usually treated with the utmost respect. How did the Nobel Prize get started? It began with the man whom the awards are named after.Alfred Nobel was a Swedish scientist who invented the dynamite but he actually held more than 350 different patents. In 1895, he began to lay the foundations of the Nobel Prize. When Alfred Nobel died in 1896, his will was partly incomplete so it generated a lot of public attention because of his considerable wealth. After several years of criticism and negotiations, the Nobel foundation was finally established by the Norwegian parliament. Members of the Prize-awarding committee were elected on June 11th 1897.In 1901, the awards were given to notable […]

The Ultimate Guide to Car Cosmetics

Keeping a car looking as good as new or even better requires a lot of hard work, a passion for automobiles and a desire to give your much-loved set of wheels the best there is. Car cleaning, paint jobs, interiors and upholstery as well as accessorizing are all part of ensuring that the car looks great always. Here are resources to help ensure that your car gets the very best there is in order to look clean and stylish, both on the inside and outside. This article is provided to the public as a service by Action Donation Services. Action handles car, boat, and RV donations for some of America’s finest charities. Everything that can reasonably be done to maximize the value of the donation so it will bring more income to the charity is done. Whether you are donating your property or simply want to keep your car in […]