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Charity Organizations

A charity is a not for profit organization that is comprised of volunteers who work together towards a positive goal. Often relying on donations from communities and individuals, charities help those who are less fortunate than others. Some of the best known charities are as follows:The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – This organization, also known as the LLS, has a mission of doing research on and promoting education about blood cancer. The ultimate goal for this organization is to find the cure for leukemia and lymphoma.March of Dimes – The March of Dimes aims to improve the health of babies by doing research, in hopes of preventing birth defects and premature births.Ronald McDonald House – The mission of the Ronald McDonald house is to provide improved health care and services to children, especially children in need. Many Ronald McDonald Houses accept car donations.Salvation Army – Started by William Booth in […]

Glossary of Automotive Terminology

Adjustable Suspension: A system that is used to create variations in the firmness of the shock absorbers to provide a better ride. Air Suspension: A unit that is similar to a bellow that contains pressurized air and is mounted at each corner of a vehicle to provide a softer ride. Anti-Lock Brakes: Brakes that are controlled by computer so they will not lock and cause the wheels to skid. Automatic Transmission: A transmission that does not have to be shifted manually. Auxiliary Lighting: Extra lightening such as driving lights or fog lights that improve visibility under adverse conditions. Caliper: Part that houses disc brake pads on either side of the brake rotor, which is forced together when brakes are applied. Car Donation: a number of charities accept car, boat, RV, truck, and motorcycle donations that may result in a tax deduction for the donor. When you donate a car or […]

Car Loan Tips and Comparisons

A car is one of the most important purchases people will make within their lifetimes. It is a means of transportation and provides a way to get to and from work, as well as a way to get the kids to and from school, trips to the grocery store, and much more. People looking for a new vehicle should be very cautious about choosing a car that will fit their own budget and personal lifestyle. For example, a family of four would most likely choose a minivan over a sports car, and someone in the construction industry might prefer a pickup truck over a sedan. Aside from the lifestyle factor, budget also plays a very important role. Be aware of how many miles per gallon the vehicle will get. A lot of people buy cars without realizing they are gas guzzlers, when they could’ve purchased a much more economic car […]

Charity During a Disaster

Disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, fires and tornadoes can happen in almost any community. They can happen suddenly without warning, or happen gradually; either way, the result leaves a community in turmoil. Fortunately, there are different relief agencies whose specific missions are to provide a variety of support services during disasters.Types of Donations to GiveMost agencies prefer financial contributions to assist in times of disaster. This allows the agencies to provide a variety of services to the victims. The agencies can also use the cash to purchase specific items needed within the community. The money also has a secondary effect. By infusing cash into the local community, the agencies inadvertently help the local economy. Agencies discourage the donation of used goods. These goods, such as clothing, take up valuable warehouse space. Relief agencies recommend that donors hold yard sales to sell all used items and then donate the […]

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycles have been around since the 19th century. From the hand crank and steam powered machines of the past to the rumbling power hogs of today; people have always been attracted to these beautiful, yet dangerous machines. Just watching motorcycle riders tear down the street is exhilarating and riding one is even more of a thrill if it’s done safely and respectfully. Other people are drawn to motorcycles by the efficiency associated; motorcycles are very fuel and space efficient. Then, there are those who are drawn by the freedom associated with riding bikes across country. No matter what reason people are drawn to riding bikes, it is important that riders learn the different nuances associated with motorcycles, especially motorcycle safety.PermitsRiders start by obtaining a motorcycle permit. To get a permit a rider takes a written test based on a state’s motorcycle handbook. The handbook outlines the specific states laws and […]