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More Maritime Resources

“Maritime” is a broad term that refers to various things that are related to the sea, including seafaring, ocean harvesting, shipbuilding, shipping, sailing, and other activities that take place at the sea. According to evidence found in Australia, the earliest known maritime voyages may have taken place about 45,000 years ago, but human beings have been harvesting from the sea since time immemorial. Throughout the years, maritime technology has improved by leaps and bounds, and this has enabled humans to make the most of the oceans, for commercial, cultural, recreational, as well as military purposes.Merriam-Webster: Definition of the word “maritime”Wikipedia – Maritime History: Detailed information about maritime historyBBC History: Detailed information about the history of marine navigationWikipedia – Sailing: Comprehensive information on Official website of the International Sailing World’s largest online sailing community, with discussions about sailing, boats, purchase and sale of boats, donate a boat, boat maintenance, […]

A Guide to Nonprofits

Nonprofit groups and organizations are groups that complete their work without earning a profit. If they do earn a profit in a single year, that money goes into the fund for the following year. Nonprofit groups devote themselves to one area or topic such as breast cancer awareness or feeding the homeless. The following resources provide more information on different nonprofit organizations.Make a Wish Foundation: organization devoted to helping sick and dying children live out their biggest dream.American Red Cross: nonprofit organization that aids in disaster relief efforts and helps those with an emergency situation. Many Red Cross chapters will accept car donations and other property such as boats, yachts, motorhomes, and trucks to help with their disaster relief efforts.United Way: one of the largest nonprofit groups in the world, helps in different areas, including educating children and helping sick kids.American Cancer Society: provides help and support to cancer patients, […]

Native American Watercraft

For many Native American tribes, boats were a key part of their survival. For hunting and fishing, they needed good boats so they came up with some truly ingenious designs to accomplish these tasks better.KayakThe kayak is probably the most popular Native American boat. Kayaks are very small boats that are controlled by humans using a paddle. They are different from canoes in that kayaks have a protective deck that covers the top. This was to help keep the water out and allow items to be stored in the boat without the rider having to worry about them being lost. The Inuit tribe, living in the arctic, invented the kayak for hunting and transportation. They used either whale bone or driftwood to construct them and they were typically made to fit only a single person. The term kayak actually refers to many different types of Native American boats. Its design […]

The Life and Times of Jackie Robinson

When you talk about Jackie Robinson, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that he was the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball. On April 15, 1947, Robinson made history when he debuted with the Brooklyn Dodgers for their game against the Boston Braves. However, there is more to the life story of Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia on January 31, 1919 as the youngest of five children in the household. When he was only one year old, his father left the family, and his mother, brothers and sister, moved to Pasadena, California to begin a new life. While being raised in a single parent household, Robinson turned to sports and participated in football, basketball, track and baseball while in high school. After graduating high school, Robinson attended Pasadena Junior College where he continued to excel in sports. After junior college, […]

Guide to Giving to Charity or Non-Profits

Most non-profit organizations rely greatly on donations from the public. Without these donations the needs of numerous living things would not be met. Some people take advantage of the non-profit and charity organizations by setting up scams or fake companies. Donors will need to protect themselves to make sure their donation gets where it is intended to go. Ask the operator for the name of the charity or non-profit organization if they did not give it. Never give cash when donating; people never know if it will end up in the operator’s pocket. Use checks, money orders and other forms where you can write out the name of the company plus this can be used as a tax right off. Make sure the charity is licensed and they have proof. Charity Navigator: Charities that you can trust. These are researched and are reputable organizations. Charity Watchdog: Helps donors make informed […]